Gauri L 2nd June 2023 Full Episode | Gouri Elo Today Full Episode

Gauri L 2nd June 2023 Full Episode | Gouri Elo Today Full Episode
Gauri L 2nd June 2023 Full Episode | Gouri Elo Today Full Episode
A dacoit entered the Ghoshal family. They took a gun to the head of Pearl and went in search of treasure. Dakat Sardar is a devotee of Kali. So they cleverly catch the goddess. He directed the dacoits to take them towards the temple. They stand in front of Ghomata Kali Temple holding Rudramurti. He shows his true form to Sardar. Sardar is not wrong to recognize mother. He fell at Tara’s feet.

No one else in the gang saw the star. So they consider him a normal child. But, Sardar asked him to bow down at his mother’s feet. Although surprised, they listen to the team leader. On this occasion Mukta called the police from the phone of another room.

Ishaan and Gauri Ghoshal enter the house and are surprised to see their daughter dressed as a goddess. Ishaan gets nervous around the dacoits star. He tries to take her away. Dakat Sardar saw Tara as a goddess. So Ishaan gets angry to touch Tara. But, the daughter protects the father.

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Ishaan started killing the bandits single-handedly. Rupam, Surya also comes suddenly. They too go to help Ishaan after understanding the intention of the bandits. The robbers were tied up in the backyard.

The whole family goes to Sukhmay’s house together. They dressed up there. He apologizes for making the house dirty. Sukhmoy says that the wisdom with which he saved the family is a lot. Mukta tells how they saved her life.
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Gauri is proud of her daughter’s success. Ishaan also praises the girl enthusiastically. Gauri pokes and asks, ‘Aren’t you angry because they have dressed up the goddess, Doctor?’ Ishaan says that his daughter has done a good job using present intelligence. Ishaan loves his daughter more than life itself. Gauri knows that. So he laughs.

The police came and arrested the gang. The police officers are surprised to see that a little girl like Tara has caught a gang of notorious dacoits. They advised Sardar to go to jail and atone for his sins. She said that the veil will not be thrown away.

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Tara was then prepared for the birthday party. At home all Tara’s friends are brought by their parents. Some of the slum children are also Tara’s friends. They also come. This makes many people frown. But they make it clear, everyone is his friend. So he doesn’t want any difference between anyone. Ishaan and Gauri feel proud of their daughter.
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Rasmoy was trying to trouble Tara from the beginning. Gauri discovers that it was Rasmayi who poured acid on her daughter’s jaba tree.

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