‘Awami League has killed the country’s democracy’

‘Awami League has killed the country’s democracy’
‘Awami League has killed the country’s democracy’

Pirojpur: BNP central committee member and Pirojpur district BNP convener Alamgir Hossain said that Awami League wants to come to power again by voting at night. They have taken away the voting rights of the common people of this country.

Killed democracy.

He said these things at the street meeting held after the protest march organized by the district BNP as part of the announced program of the central BNP on Friday (May 26).

Alamgir Hossain said, if anyone wants to speak against them today, his voice is suppressed. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has been kept in jail for years without committing a crime. Tariq Rahman, acting chairman of the party, is being prevented from coming to the country with a false case. The prices of daily commodities are increasing day by day so much that

It has gone beyond the purchasing power of the common people. People spend days without food. At such a time, the people of the ruling party are looting the country.

They are sending their loot abroad to hide it. The country is on the path of destruction today. An independent country won by the blood of three million martyrs cannot continue like this. We all have to be united to protect the country’s democracy. And for this, if necessary, I am willing to sacrifice the last drop of blood from my chest, he added.

The former president of district BNP brave freedom fighter Gazi Nuruzzaman Babul, central BNP member Eliza Zaman, member secretary of district BNP Gazi Ahiduzzaman Lovelu, convenor of Nazirpur upazila BNP Md. Mizanur Rahman Dulal and others.

Later, district BNP member secretary Gazi Ahiduzzaman Lovelu said that on this day (May 26) in the morning, as part of the central program, the police prevented them from holding a protest march in the city. Later, the activists took part in the procession ignoring the police obstruction.

The central BNP announced this program with 10 points of demand, including protesting the increase in commodity prices, continuous load shedding of electricity, arrest of BNP and opposition with false and missing cases.

Bangladesh Time: 1632 hours, May 26, 2023


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