Tipu Sultan’s sword at auction, fetches sky high price

Tipu Sultan’s sword at auction, fetches sky high price
Tipu Sultan’s sword at auction, fetches sky high price

Sword of Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore

A famous sword of Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan was auctioned in Britain. The historical weapon has been sold at an almost sky-high price. The auction company Bonhams said that the sword was sold for 1 crore 74 million dollars. Which is equal to approximately 186 crore 54 lakh 54 thousand in Bangladeshi Taka.

The auction house in London said the auction fetched nearly seven times the amount it expected to fetch.

The sword was one of the most important personal belongings of the 18th century Indian ruler Tipu Sultan. At that time it won many battles. Tipu Sultan fought several times against the Marathas from 1775 to 1779.

Oliver White, head of Islamic and Indian art and auctions at Bonhams, said the sword was found in a private room in Tipu Sultan’s palace.

Another officer of the organization, Nima Sagarchi, said, “The sword carries the extraordinary history of that time. The craftsmanship of its body is wonderful. The auction is very competitive. And that is very natural, there will be a fight for such things. The auction house was temporarily heated, and we are very happy to see the result.”

Tipu Sultan defended his kingdom with great valour. Because of this he was nicknamed “Tiger of Mysore”.

He used rockets and cannons in battles against Britain and other powerful enemies. Tipu transformed Mysore into the most dynamic and powerful economy in India.

The auction house Bonhams gave this information on its website. They also said that Tipu Sultan’s sword was presented to British Major General David Baird after he was killed. It is marked as a symbol of his courage.

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