Hard working people are struggling to run the family

Hard working people are struggling to run the family
Hard working people are struggling to run the family

Satkhira: In the space of two weeks, the price of onion in Satkhira market increased from 45 taka to 70 taka. Also, the price of ginger has increased from 140 taka to 300 taka.

In this way, the prices of daily commodities are increasing and common people are in trouble. From the jobbers to the working people, no one is at ease. Hardworking people are struggling to run their families.

They say that due to the increase in the price of every item, it has become difficult for the family members to get enough food for three meals a day. From medicine to salt – there is no commodity whose price has not gone up by two or three times in just a few days.

On Friday (May 26), common people said this when they went to Sultanpur Big Bazaar in Satkhira.

The market has seen that garlic has increased from 110 taka to 150 taka. Raw chillies are being sold at Tk 100 per kg.

But the sellers are not at ease in such a market situation. They are also uncomfortable due to reduced sales. It is becoming difficult for them to convince the common buyers.

Amena Begum, who came to Sultanpur big market to buy daily products, said that the price of everything in the market is high. Forced to buy rotten onions with tamper. That too 70 taka per kg. no way The market is like a mad horse. The price of everything is increasing.

Khalil Sheikh who came to the market said that the price of onion, garlic and ginger has increased a lot. Everything is so expensive that it is beyond the purchasing power. With our income, we can’t even have a 10-day market in a month.

A man named Enamul standing next to Khalil Sheikh shouted, “We are poor people.” Can’t touch anything. A thing that costs 10 rupees today will cost 30 rupees tomorrow. How can people live if the price increases?

A government employee named Monirul Islam (pseudonym) said that what is left after paying house rent and children’s education expenses at the end of the month is not a monthly market. The day is going in mental pressure. I can’t find any way.

Azizur Rahman, the owner of Molla Bhandar in Sultanpur Bara Bazar, said that the prices of onion, garlic and ginger are higher than before. Because we are not getting proper supply of these. What we are getting has to be bought at a much higher price. I can’t understand people either. The price is increasing every day.

He also said that this situation has arisen due to non-arrival of onions from India. Leaving the LC will reduce the price again.

Bangladesh Time: 1623 hours, May 26, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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