What is in the hadith about the time of Asr on Friday

What is in the hadith about the time of Asr on Friday
What is in the hadith about the time of Asr on Friday

Jumaba is a prestigious day in Islam. In this context, Rasulullah (S) said, ‘Friday is the best of the days and it is more respected by Allah.’ (Ibn Majah: 1084)

The hadith further states, ‘Friday is the best of the days when the sun rises. Adam (as) was created on this day. On this day he was admitted to Paradise and on this day he was taken out of Paradise.’ (Muslim: 854)

According to the hadith, the Asr time on Friday is very important. At this time, some special practices for the believers are mentioned in the hadith. The acts include supplication, dhikr, istegfar, etc. Another period is also described. That is – Darud reading in special rules.

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Jumaba is a special period after Asr
In the hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah (RA), the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, ‘Whoever recites the following Durood Sharif 80 times while sitting in that place after Asr prayer on Friday, his sins will be forgiven for 80 years and his reward for 80 years of Nafal worship will be his. It will be written in the minutes.’ (Afdalus Salawat: 26)

The salutation is — اللهم صل على محمد النبي المي ولا آله وسلم تصليمًا ‘Allahumma salli ala Muhammadinin Nabiyil Ummiyy wa ala alihi wasallim taslima’

Document of acceptance of prayer on Jumaba
There is a period in Zumba that is very important. Because at that time it is mentioned in the hadith about the acceptance of prayers. Abu Huraira (R.A.) said, Rasulullah (S.A.W) said, “There is a time on Friday, when a Muslim is praying and asks Allah for something, Allah will surely accept his request or supplication, and then Rasulullah (S.A.W.) S.) indicates the brevity of time by gesturing with his hand. (Bukhari: 6400)

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It was narrated from Anas Ibn Malik (R.A.) that there is a time in Jumaba, when a servant makes a supplication to Allah, Allah grants it to him. (Musannaf: 5588)

Prayers are accepted at the end of Asr
In the hadith narrated by Jaber Ibn Abdullah (RA), Rasulullah (SAW) said, ‘There is a moment within the twelve hours of Friday, if a Muslim prays to Allah during this time, then Allah, the Great and Almighty, grants him. You search this moment at the end of Asr.’ (Abu Dawud: 1048)

It is important to know that the last time of Asr is before sunset. Abdullah Ibn Salam (R.A.) narrates that prayers are accepted on Fridays from Asr to sunset. It is described in the famous book of Sirat, prayers are accepted after Asr prayer on Friday. (Jadul Ma’ad: 2/394)

Imam Ahmad (R.A.) also said that prayers are accepted after Asr. His special saying is mentioned in the famous hadith book Tirmidhi Sharif, volume 2, page 360.

Reciting blessings on the Prophet is a great act of worship
In addition to the mentioned rules and regulations, the importance of reciting Darood more on Friday is described in the hadith. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said, ‘Recite more blessings on me on the day of Friday, because the blessings you recite are presented before me. (Abu Dawud: 1047)

Hadith Qudsi says, ‘Recite more blessings on Friday. Because, Gabriel (A.S.) has just appeared with the message of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala says, ‘When a Muslim sends blessings on you once on earth, I send down mercy on him ten times and all My angels intercede for him ten times.’ (Targhib: 3/299)

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In the hadith narrated by Abu Umama (R.A.), the Prophet (S.A.W.) said, ‘Recite more blessings on me on Friday. Because the blessings of my Ummah reach me on Friday. The person who sends the most blessings on me will be the closest to me on the Day of Resurrection.’ (Targhib: 157)

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) narrates, ‘A person who recites 100 times Durood on the Prophet (S.A.W.) on Friday, will rise on the Day of Resurrection in such a state that people will see the light of light on his face and say, ‘What is this person’s deed?’ did!’ (Kanjul Ummal: 174)

Therefore, it is recommended for all Muslims to recite more Darood, especially on Fridays, to obtain the virtues mentioned in the hadith. There are importance and virtues of reciting Darood on other days as well. Almighty Allah himself sent blessings on the beloved Prophet (S), the angels also wished mercy and blessings on the Prophet (S). ‘O believer! Recite blessings on him and send greetings.’ (Surah Ahzab: 56)

May Allah Ta’ala give tawfiq to the Muslim Ummah to focus more on the blessings on Friday. Along with the mentioned rules, always give Tawfik of Darood reading. Amen.

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