Warning during thunderstorms

Warning during thunderstorms
Warning during thunderstorms

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Lightning flashes in the sky during rain. We often see many deaths due to lightning.

To protect yourself from such accidents, what to do when a thunderstorm starts:

• Go to safe shelter
• Lightning attracts surrounding metals. So do not carry metal objects (rings, keys, sickles, spades) with you
• Switch off the mobile phone
• Stay away from window grills even at home
• Keep all power switches off.

Do not charge anything at this time. And never talk on the mobile phone while it is charging.

• Stay away from tall trees and power lines when outdoors. Because, in case of lightning, there is a high probability of lightning on tall trees or electricity poles.

Also, keep the computer, TV-fridge off and do not touch it.

There is a possibility of accidents from snapping power lines and there is also a possibility of electrocution if lightning strikes nearby, be careful.

Metal objects inside the vehicle should not be touched during lightning strikes. Do not touch the car glass.

The most important thing is that if someone is injured by lightning, he should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Bangladesh Time: 1602 hours, May 26, 2023

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