Allegation of attempted murder of expatriates in Biyanibazar

Allegation of attempted murder of expatriates in Biyanibazar
Allegation of attempted murder of expatriates in Biyanibazar

A case has been filed for attempted murder of a Brazilian expatriate due to a dispute over land in Sylhet’s Biyanibazar.

In a press conference held at Biyanibazar Press Club on Thursday afternoon, expatriate Faisal Ahmad said that their family’s total 22 centuries of land in Barigram of Lauta Union of the upazila has been taken over by local influencers. After his father was in exile for a long time, the two brothers also went into exile. In this opportunity, this valuable land becomes vacant. Recently, expatriate Faisal Ahmad was attacked several times when he came to the country and tried to recover the vacant land. At one point, he filed a case in the court regarding the land.

In the press conference, he said that the encroachers, enraged by this, attacked him in a pre-planned manner on the way back home on May 21 at around 9 pm. One of his arms was dislocated. He was seriously injured and treated at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital and filed a separate case in court.

Faisal Ahmed complained in a tearful voice with bandages on his hands that the road to his house was blocked. He is unable to live there even after spending crores of rupees on building a house. His family members travel using the road of other’s house. Occupiers are spreading misinformation about such inhumane conditions. Apart from grabbing land, they are also degrading him socially by running imaginary campaigns to build roads over graveyards.

Stating that they have nothing to do with the construction of the road over the cemetery, he said, the influential people are plotting to demolish the houses by cutting the ground next to their houses.

He sought the cooperation of the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Expatriate Welfare Minister, DIG and other administration officials regarding the overall issue.

His father Farooq Uddin and mother Churetun Necha, among others, were present at the press conference.

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