Uncomfortable with the price of ginger

Uncomfortable with the price of ginger
Uncomfortable with the price of ginger

Even a month ago, onions were sold at Tk 35 to Tk 40 per kg in the retail market. It is now being sold in the market at 80 taka per kg to the buyers. After onion, the price of ginger has increased again. Ginger is being sold at 280 to 320 Tk.

Besides, local garlic (small) is being sold at Tk 120 to Tk 150 per kg and imported garlic (large) at Tk 160 to Tk 180 per kg. As a result, the price has caused discomfort among the buyers.

On Friday (May 26), it was found that different markets of the capital were selling ordinary quality ginger at Tk 280 to Tk 320, but Chinese ginger was being sold at a higher price. Vendors say that while there is domestic ginger in the market, the supply of imported ginger is less. Hence the additional cost. This price was further increased.

A businessman named Habibur Rahman buys wholesale ginger from Karwan Bazaar and sells it retail. He said, about half of the imported ginger in our country is Chinese ginger and the rest is from Burmese, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. Chinese ginger has not been coming to the market for some time, so there is a crisis. On the other hand, the production of domestic ginger has decreased and the price of ginger is increasing. However, there is no possibility of reducing the price of ginger before Eid.

Sarwar Alam, a private employee who comes to do the weekly market in the capital’s Mohakhali market, said that since I work, I do the weekly market once on Fridays. Everything in the market is expensive which is very uncomfortable for the common people. Along with that today I saw the price of ginger is even higher, is there no one to monitor them? Ginger is being sold at Tk 280 to Tk 320 per kg which has made common buyers more uncomfortable. There is nothing in the market that does not go up in price.

Meanwhile, according to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) data, imported ginger was sold at Tk 250 a few days ago. And a month ago this ginger was sold for Tk 140 to Tk 250. Also, at this time last year, ginger was sold at Tk 80 to Tk 120.

On the other hand, onion is being sold at 80 taka in the retail market. Traders say that the import of onions from India and Myanmar was stopped since last March, as a result of which the prices have increased. Import of onion was stopped mainly to ensure fair price to the farmers during the production season. After that till last month the price was under control but the price of onion increased by leaps and bounds in one month. Once the imported onion reaches the grassroots market, then the price of onion will start decreasing.

On the other hand, according to the sources of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, in the current year, 3.4 million tons of onion have been produced after planting 241 thousand 900 hectares of land. About 35 percent of onions are lost due to various reasons including adverse weather, but currently there are about 1.8 million tons in stock. According to that, there is not supposed to be a shortage of onion, but the price of onion in the market has doubled in the space of one month, and the price of each kg has reached 80 taka.

According to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) data, local onion was sold at Tk 75 per kg in the market on Thursday, compared to Tk 80 a week ago. A month ago this onion was sold at 35 to 45 taka. As a result, the price of onion per kg increased by 81.25 percent in one month.


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