Dhundhuma scandal over tickets for Gujarat vs Mumbai match

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Sudipta Bhattacharya

26th May 2023 1:23 pm

Personal Representative: It is normal for the demand of tickets to be high around the high voltage match between the two teams at the stadium. And with that ticket, fights between the fans or their disputes with the police also happen in different sports fields around the world. Supporters lost their lives in this incident. Still they don’t fix it.

This time the venue is Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Whereas Gujarat Titans will face Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians in an important match like this year’s IPL-L Qualifier-2 on Friday. The team that wins this match will reach the final match of the 16th IPL. And the final match will also be held in this stadium.

So, Gujarat Titans fans do not want to miss the opportunity to watch the home team play from the stadium seats. Because their team is already under a lot of pressure after losing to Chennai in the previous match. Therefore, their only goal is to win the match with a message of support from the side in the difficult times of the team.

Therefore, from Friday morning, a fight started outside the ticket counter of Narendra Modi Stadium with tickets. As per the rules of IPL tickets must be booked online in advance. Then the customer has to attend in person and collect the ticket from the counter. As the demand for tickets was high in the ticket collection line, the stampede started.

In the end, the police arrived at the scene to prevent the chaos of the supporters from getting bigger. They brought the situation under control. No fans have been reported injured in the incident so far. But the question arises as to why such chaos has arisen.

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