Rabindra University campus is colorful in the glow of Krishnachura

Rabindra University campus is colorful in the glow of Krishnachura
Rabindra University campus is colorful in the glow of Krishnachura

Rabindra University campus is colorful in another form of summer when people’s life is becoming lively all around in the scorching sun and warm air. The courtyard of this university founded in the name of Vishwakabir is decorated with eye-catching vermilion red krishnachudra. And the poet may have been impressed by the beauty of Krishnachura and wrote in his poem “Dak dee jae pather darye Krishnachura.”

In this hot summer, Krishna Chura is appealing to the students by dressing up in the form of a huge flower bouquet. The blood-red blacktop is spreading eye-catching colors on the branches of the tree. The sky and air of the campus has become red with the abundance of flowers. This colorful glow in the middle of green looks like a fire is burning from a distance. This is like a magic canvas of red color. Students are drawing different kinds of dreams.

Although the university does not have a permanent campus, Ravi students are not deprived of this natural and captivating beauty of Krishnachura. At the entrance of the temporary academic building-2 of the university, a black cherry tree is showing its beauty. Besides, there is another Krishna Chura tree near the classroom of Temporary Academic Building-1. Students spend most of their time between classes at the basic bus stand. There, standing across the road, another black peak is boasting its beauty. In this small campus, the beauty of Krishnachura seems to be infusing new life.

Not only the students, but also the eyes of any passer-by passing by. And without the knowledge of the mind, say with the mouth, ‘Wow! What magical net has spread in the water of the sky.’

When the branches of the blackthorn sway in the light breeze, so does the heart. The eyes are drawn to the crimson flower beds created on the green grass by the falling petals of the black cherry. Seeing this scene, one remembers the words of the poet Guru, ‘Flying as if bored by the smell / The permission of your black peak in your northern ear.’ And there is no such thing on a rainy day. The beauty that emerges from rain-soaked flowers evokes heart-wrenching love among nature lovers.

The student of management studies department of the university was captivated by the beauty of Krishnachura. Abu Kawshar said, overshadowing the scorching sun and harshness of the summer, the fragrance of black cherry blossoms is spreading in the campus. A colorful cover of art catches the eye and mind of the wonderful scene of the red bloom of the black-leaved flower. This eye-catching beauty of Krishna Chura attracts again and again. It is as if new life is constantly being transmitted to the mind. The colorful beauty of Krishnachura instantly makes the mind feel better even when one is tired due to the busyness of studying in the campus.

Krishna Chura is spreading beauty in the temporary campus of Rabindra University throughout the summer season. Even in the scorching heat of summer, these red small black peaks give joy to the eyes. Beauty spreads and maintains the campus.

According to the information of Banglapedia, the scientific name of Krishnachura is Delonix regia. It belongs to Fabaceae family. Many people call its fruit as Gulmohar. This tree has a medium to tall spreading head. Flowers bloom from April to June. Weed clusters of attractive orange or red flowers.

The native habitat of the Blackbird is Madagascar, Africa. It spread from there in 1824, first to Mauritius, then to England and Southeast Asia. Black shrike is now seen in many countries of the world including America, Caribbean region, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China, India.

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