Two traders with 53 kg ganja in Faridpur

Two traders with 53 kg ganja in Faridpur
Two traders with 53 kg ganja in Faridpur

Faridpur: Faridpur RAB-08 arrested two drug dealers with 53 kg of ganja from Bhanga upazila of Faridpur. The estimated value of which is Tk 13 lakh, said RAB.

On Thursday (May 25) at around 2 o’clock in the morning, the two drug dealers were arrested from the new chicken market area of ​​Bhanga Bazaar in Upazila Sadar. Later, they were arrested and sent to court in a Narcotics Act case.

They are Bahar Miah (55) son of deceased Yasin Mia of Dhanpur area of ​​Comilla Sadar South Police Station and Alamgir Hossain Sufal (34) son of deceased Abdul Mannan of Kaburaa area of ​​Chauddagram Police Station of the same district.

On Friday (May 26), the two arrested traders were sent to Faridpur court.

This information has been confirmed by RAB-08 Faridpur camp company captain Lieutenant Commander KM Shaikh Akhtar.

He told BanglaNews that on the basis of secret information, he came to know that a huge consignment of drugs is being brought for sale by private cars in the new chicken market area of ​​Bhanga Bazar in Faridpur. On the basis of this information, a special operation was conducted under my leadership at around 2 pm on Thursday. Meanwhile, two drug dealers were arrested.

The company commander said that 53 kg of ganja was recovered from the accused during the search. The estimated value of which is 13 lakh taka. Besides, 1 private car, 3 mobile phones and 3 SIM cards were seized.

He also said that the two arrested drug dealers had been transporting drugs from different districts of the country and selling them in Faridpur and Shariatpur areas for a long time. After their arrest, they were handed over to Banga police station and a case was registered under Section 19 (c) of Schedule 36(1) of the Narcotics Control Act, 2018.

Bangladesh Time: 1425 hours, May 26, 2023


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