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Humayun Ahmed, Himu, Josnabilas, remember anything? If you feel like reading books, these words will make you feel something. Especially Himu, a young man in yellow Punjabi. Many have captured Himu’s character walking on the streets with bare feet. Still reading books of Himu series, a Himu-Himu feeling comes in itself. I want to drink tea again and again, I want to walk barefoot on the street, I want to indulge in the full moon. You will notice that many people get cold when the full moon rises. He looks at the moon with a bored look. This is Himu’s side story. But what about walking or strolling down the street? Do you know, there are actually days in the calendar that many people walk on the streets?

26th May. Today is the day, the day when everyone gets cold. Means everyone roams the streets. In English it is called Road Trip (Road Trip). And the time of the beginning of this day is 1903. Ever since vehicles started moving for distance, the road trip has started. A man named Horatio Nelson Jackson traveled from San Francisco to New York. His companions on this journey were dogs and some mechanics. This journey is documented as the world’s first road trip. And this trip was 63 days. As such, these trips have been popular for more than a century. Because every day someone is going on a trip, and preparing to go.


Let’s jog our memory. There have been times when your mind desperately wanted to go a little outside the norm and shake up the routine. An open sky, a group of sai sai winds and you at the window of a vehicle. But if it is a bike, even better. Tell me how you feel?

We are so overwhelmed with our busy schedules that even taking time for ourselves seems like a luxury these days. But believe me, sometimes a little irregularity brings a different kind of peace. If you are careful and can turn yourself away from nature for a day, it can be guaranteed that it will not be bad.

Many people visit a little on the last day of the week. If it is not possible for you every week, at least one day in a month you can take yourself for a little trip. Many people think that what will happen? Many people also talk about wasting time. He also mentioned the waste of money. But if we turn the corner of the calculation a little to the other side, it will be seen that the cost is not low for us for no reason. There is also a lot of spending that is being bought unnecessarily. In that case, if these useless expenses can be paid for a small tour, how is it? Returning home with a refreshed mind and tired body is not so incompatible. But it’s also good to ride around the edges when the road is smooth. At least you have to admit that there are potholes, accumulated dirty water and broken roads that are not fun to ride in vehicles.

Many of us who are busy travel by bus. And if somehow I get the window seat, then it’s a golden blessing. I can listen to favorite lines with earphones or earpods or headphones. Our recent road trips have been like this. Daily commuting is now part of travel. Sometimes he travels with a crazy jam and bitter sun. Sometimes the light darkness is mixed with the heat, with very little wind.

Look, today is Friday. The day is a holiday. Can be done a little differently? Suppose it is without mobile? He left the headphones, earphones and earpods in the drawer and went out with his family and loved ones. Besuro sang some Ujjivani songs in his voice. See if you can match the time. Life is beautiful beyond the confines of busyness. You just have to know how to celebrate.

What is going to happen next is beyond our knowledge. Let us be curious about what is hidden from sight but not worry between the eyebrows. Sometimes you want to leave everything and get lost. Losers will be full of adventures, unforgettable memories, endless possibilities and some snacks! So why the delay? Pack the boxes. Spread your hands on both sides, breathe deeply and go out into the lap of nature.

Author: Lamia Tanzin Mahmood Content Creator, Digital & Social Media, RTV

The article is in Bengali

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