Housewife to city mother, who is Zayeda?

Housewife to city mother, who is Zayeda?
Housewife to city mother, who is Zayeda?

There is no end of curiosity about Zayeda Khatun, an independent candidate, after being privately elected to the post of mayor in the Gazipur City Corporation (GASIC) elections. One question in everyone’s mind – who is Zayeda Khatun? Many want to know more about him.

Zayda Khatun is the mother of former mayor Jahangir Alam. At the same time, she is the first elected woman mayor of Gazipur City and the second woman mayor of the country.

It is known that Awami League’s mayoral candidate Azmat Ulla Khan was elected as the third mayor of Gazipur City by a margin of 16 thousand 197 votes.

Zayeda Khatun is the new mayor of Gazipur City

This candidate has fought in the first election of his life. Zayda, who went from being a housewife to taking charge of a city, also lost to the candidate of the ruling boat symbol. He did not participate in any political program let alone election. His name was not even heard in any political or social field.

Jahangir Alam, son of Zayda Khatun, former mayor of Gazipur City Corporation, was the second mayor of this city. In 2018, he was elected mayor after defeating the BNP candidate. However, he could not complete his term due to accusations of insulting Bangabandhu.

Locals say that Zayda is known as a public figure in the area. He always provides financial support to poor and needy people including students. He also helps in various family and social rituals.

According to the affidavit, Zayda Khatun is a housewife and self-educated. He was born on February 10, 1962 in Kanaya area of ​​Gazipur City Corporation. Jahangir Alam is survived by two sons and one daughter.

What Zayda Khatun said in the election manifesto

Her husband md. Mizanur Rahman died five years ago. There is no case against him.

Zayeda Khatun announced a 9-point manifesto for the development of the metropolis and the improvement of the living standards of the city dwellers. If elected, he promised to waive the holding tax for five years. He also promised to finish the unfinished work of former mayor Jahangir. He also mentioned various development activities there.

Those concerned are claiming that Zayeda Khatun has become famous in election-politics because of her son Jahangir Alam. Even mother Zayeda Khatun showed surprise based on Jahangir’s popularity. Besides, Jahangir Alam was also the chief coordinator of his election activities.

Jahangir’s mother is ahead with 17124 votes in 440 centers

Independent candidate Zayeda Khatun, mother of former mayor Jahangir Alam, cast her vote at Kanaiya Government Primary School center on election day. At that time, he said, he was optimistic about the victory, a hundred percent.

Incidentally, the country’s first female city mayor is Selina Hyatt Ivy. In 2011, he won the Narayanganj City Corporation election as an independent candidate. After that, Zayeda Khatun became the second woman mayor of the country. And the people of Gazipur got their first city mother.

The people of Gazipur rejoice after getting the first woman mayor

Gazipur City elections ended in a bitter fight. And the people of the city rejoiced after getting the first woman mayor.

On the ground, it can be seen that after the announcement of the results at 1.30 am on Thursday, the supporters of Zaidar workers are taking out a victory procession outside the Returning Officer’s office and in different areas. At this time, they are seen cheering with slogans.

What Jahangir says in the victory of the mother

In an immediate reaction after the announcement of the new mayor, Jahangir Alam, son of Zayda and former mayor of Gazipur, said that the boat has won the Gazipur election, but the person has lost.

Jahangir said, mother said, everyone will work for the development of the city corporation. Work according to the instructions of the Prime Minister. Prime Minister is our guardian. I want to help him in the development of the country.

He also said, “After Allah, I express my gratitude to the common people for this victory.” I will support her in her work as an activist, I will work for Gazipur with my experience as mayor. I will make Gazipur a planned city with my mother. I will not bow down to any terrorist.

Result of 480 centers

Zayeda Khatun received two lakh 38 thousand 934 votes in Gazipur City Corporation election. And Azmat Ulla Khan got two lakh 22 thousand 737 votes in boat symbol. No other candidate came close to the votes of these two.

Atiqul Islam of fish symbol got 16 thousand 974 votes, plow marker MM Niaz Uddin got 16 thousand 362 votes, hand fan Gazi Ataur Rahman 45 thousand 352, rose flower symbol Md. Raju Ahmed got seven thousand 206 votes, Md. of horse symbol. Sarkar Shahnoor Islam got 23 thousand 265 votes with Harun-or-Rashid two thousand 426 and elephant symbol.

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