The situation in Afghanistan will not improve if…


According to a leaked Pentagon assessment report, Afghanistan has now become a sanctuary for al-Qaeda and IS. These groups are planning to carry out terrorist attacks in different parts of Asia, Europe and the United States. Of course, this is not surprising. Afghanistan’s Taliban regime also includes international terrorists and drug traffickers in its cabinet. Last year, an American drone strike killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the UN-designated global terrorist and al-Qaeda leader, in Kabul.

In addition, IS is trying to increase its international activities from Afghanistan, and the formation of an alliance between IS and the Taliban is becoming a long-term international threat.

By leaving Afghanistan, the United States not only left its local allies vulnerable, but also left behind hundreds of billions of dollars worth of modern American military equipment. They have also left the strategically important Bagram base in the hands of the Taliban.

The US policy towards Pakistan is also deeply misguided. Pakistan’s military and its rogue agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), have been able to use terrorism as a tool against neighboring countries thanks to its long-standing partnership with the United States.

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