No money in the bank account! Don’t worry, new rules have arrived

No money in the bank account! Don’t worry, new rules have arrived
No money in the bank account! Don’t worry, new rules have arrived

Customers will get benefits in RBI’s new guidelines: If your bank keeps deducting money from your account without any proper reason, then this report is definitely important for you. Many times you yourself will hear and see that various banks start deducting money from accounts without any reason. And then your account goes to minus. But RBI has brought new rules thinking about customers (RBI new rule).

When the customer’s account is in the red, the customer has no option but to close the account. Are you suffering from the same problem? Thinking how to get rid of this trouble? If you are facing the same problem, then let us tell you what RBI new rule says about this.

Maintaining a minimum balance is definitely important as everyone prefers a savings bank account these days. These banks make it a condition while opening savings account to customers that the customer must maintain a minimum balance in the account after opening the bank account. And this minimum balance limit is also decided by the banks themselves. A penalty will be deducted from the customer’s account if the minimum balance is not maintained in the customer’s account. It is subject to RBI norms.

Do you know what RBI new rule says? As per RBI rules, the bank cannot deduct money from the customer’s account even if the minimum balance is not met. At the same time, the bank cannot deduct the customer’s account by deducting money in the name of penalty. However, if a bank does this, customers can approach the RBI and complain against the bank.

If your bank has deducted money from your account, you can complain by visiting the RBI website. RBI will take action against that bank based on your complaint.

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