Khalek ahead in wealth, Awal in education


Among the four mayoral candidates in the upcoming Khulna City Corporation (KCC) elections, Awami League’s nominated Talukdar Abdul Mayor Khalek is leading in wealth. And Jatiya Party’s Shafiqul Islam Madhu is ahead in terms of annual income and debt. On the other hand, Maulana Abdul Awal of Islamic Movement of Bangladesh is behind in terms of annual income and wealth, but is ahead in terms of educational qualifications. And behind everyone in wealth is Zaker Party candidate SM Sabbir Hossain.

This information has been given in the affidavit submitted by the candidates along with the nomination papers.

After verifying the affidavit, it was found that Awami League candidate Khalek’s profession is business. But he has no income from business. Annual income from agriculture sector is 2 lakh 10 thousand taka. Income from interest against bank deposits is Tk 2 lakh 18 thousand. The mayor has earned 25 lakh 74 thousand rupees from remuneration and allowances. Among the immovable assets, Khalek owns 23 bighas of agricultural land on ancestral lines. Apart from this, he owns 3 khata non-agricultural land, the value of which is 28 lakh 21 thousand taka. He owns half of a house with land, the value of which is 2 crore 12 lakhs. He also owns half of another 5-storey house with land, the value of which is shown at Tk 31 lakh.

Meanwhile, Jatiya Party candidate Madhu is self-educated. Government first class contractor by profession. His annual income is 90 lakhs. Out of this income from house rent is 1 lakh 85 thousand 913 taka. Income from contracting business is 88 lakh 26 thousand 887 taka.

Islami Andolan Bangladesh candidate Awal Kamil passed. His profession is teaching and business. He is the Principal of Jami’a Rashidiya Goalkhali Madrasa. He showed an annual income from business of 1 lakh 35 thousand 210 taka. Madrasah teaching profession earns 1 lakh 96 thousand taka. Movable assets are cash 6000 taka, electronics worth 1 lakh 14 thousand taka, furniture worth 50 thousand taka, 15 pieces of gold in the name of wife, the value of which is 14 lakh 25 thousand taka. And 3.57 centuries of non-agriculture in his own name.

Zaker party candidate SM Sabbir Hossain passed graduation. His profession is business. He has shown an annual income of Tk 1 lakh 80 thousand from business. Income from agriculture sector is 50 thousand taka. House and shop rent 30 thousand taka. Apart from this, fixed assets are TV, fridge, AC, sofa bed, wardrobe. In the name of the wife, there are 2 loads of gold and 30 thousand rupees deposited in the bank. Agricultural land 10 khata.

Voting will be held in Khulna City on June 12. Candidates will get symbol allotment on May 26. This time around five lakh 35 thousand voters will vote through EVM in Khulna.

The article is in Bengali

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