Myanmar ginger is spreading heat

Myanmar ginger is spreading heat
Myanmar ginger is spreading heat

Chittagong: Ginger is imported into the country from Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India and Myanmar. However, imports from China have been stopped for the past one month.

Imports from other countries are also less. Therefore, most of the ginger in the market has been taken over by Myanmar.

This ginger market is spreading heat. The price has increased even before Eid al-Adha. Ginger is being sold at five times the import price per kg. On Friday (May 26) in the wholesale market of Khatunganj, ginger was sold at Tk 220 per kg. Retailers are selling that ginger at Tk 280-290.

The owner of Chaktai Forkan Traders. Forkan said, the import of ginger from foreign countries has decreased. Myanmar ginger is now available. Due to low supply, prices have increased. The price of desi ginger has also increased within a year.

According to the information of Chittagong Customs and Teknaf Customs Station, the average import price of Indonesia’s ginger in this May is Tk 109 including duty, Vietnam’s ginger is Tk 99, Indian ginger is Tk 57 including duty. Import price of Myanmar ginger is 58 taka per kg. In the last 22 days, 1 thousand 817 tons of ginger have been imported through Teknaf land port. Last April 17, 54 tons of ginger was imported from China.

Farooq Ahmed, the owner of Farooq Trade International in Khatunganj, said that because the yield of ginger in China is not good, they are instead importing ginger from Indonesia and Vietnam.

Omar Farooq, the owner of Rafa Traders, an importer of ginger from Myanmar, said that a maximum of 50,000 dollars worth of everyday goods can be imported through foreign draft. Ginger import is not being increased due to dollar shortage in banks.

Bangladesh Time: 1330 hours, May 26, 2023

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