Mosha army clashed with villagers in Rupganj

Mosha army clashed with villagers in Rupganj
Mosha army clashed with villagers in Rupganj

# Police arrested 4 including injured 20 women

# The people of the area are in fear

The notorious terrorist Mosharof Hossain alias Mosha and his armed forces, accused in 34 cases, have rampaged again in Naora area of ​​Rupganj. Yesterday Thursday from 11 am to 3 am in Chinkhala village of Naora area of ​​Kayetpara union of the upazila, villagers clashed with Mosha forces.

At that time, the whole area became a battlefield due to the explosion of bullets and cocktails. Mosha Bahini also attacked the members of law and order forces who went to control the situation. After the police arrested Mosha, his accomplices attacked and abducted him. At least 20 people including policemen and villagers were injured in their attack. At least three of them were shot.

Later, the police arrested four people, including three women members of the Mosha army, from that area. There is extreme fear among the locals in this incident. Additional police have been deployed to control the situation. The villagers demanded the quick arrest of Musharraf to save him from the hands of the vicious terrorist Mosha Bahini.

Eyewitnesses and victims said that yesterday morning 10-15 people went to Chinkhala village to see their land and some of them including Naora resident Safiqul Islam. At that time, 70-80 members of Mosha army attacked them in a pre-planned manner. Among the attackers led by Mosharraf Hossain Mosha were his two sons Nirab and Swadhin and their accomplices Abbas, Nazmul, Anar Hossain, Sakhawat Ullah, Zainal, Liton, Tajal, Raihan, Rifat, Raju, Robel and other identified terrorists.

At that time, they had different types of weapons including pistols, shotguns, ramadas, chapatis. At that time, when they went to save Safiqul, the terrorists attacked the villagers. Several villagers were injured. On receiving the information, Rupganj Thana Police, District Detective Police DB and RAB-11 went to the spot. When the raid started to catch the attackers, the members of the Mosha force started throwing bullets and bricks at the law and order forces indiscriminately.

At one point the police managed to arrest Mosha. But the terrorists then attacked the police and snatched away Mosha. Rupganj Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Ataur Rahman, ASI Sahidul Haque and five members of the police were injured in this. At that time the terrorists retreated when the police fired blanks. Then an attacker named Anwar Hossain Anu was arrested.

Later, Narayanganj District Assistant Superintendent of Police (B-Circle) Abir Hossain and Rupganj Police Station OC AFM Syed led additional members of the law enforcement force including the women police went to Chinkhala and started the operation again to arrest the attackers and recover weapons. Three women members of the Mosha Army were arrested in connection with the attack on the police. They are: Alo Akhtar, Zayda Akhtar and Marufa Akhtar.

Rupganj Police Station OC AFM Syed said, efforts are on to arrest the attackers including Mosharof Hossain Mosha. Four people have been arrested. Additional police have been deployed in the area to keep the situation normal.

Mohiuddin member, former president of Kayetpara Union Volunteer League, who witnessed yesterday’s incident, said that the people of the area are saddened by the torture of Mosha forces. Despite being a designated terrorist, Musharraf traveled with three gunmen. Some say they torture the villagers by threatening them with weapons.

As there is no justice in these cases, they have become so reckless that Mosha and his forces do not hesitate to attack the law and order forces. In such a situation, if Mosha is not arrested quickly, he will commit one crime after another in the area.

Several residents, who did not want to be named, said that while top terrorist Mosharraf Hossain Mosha and his army members were in prison, the people of Naora and surrounding areas were in peace. Now, after being released from jail, they have started their journey again.

Abdul Alim Miah, Mekail and Nazma Begum, residents of Naora area, said that Mosha Bahini has once again made the sleep of innocent people of Naora area haram. We are in extreme panic. I can’t leave my house because of fear of terrorists. If Moses is not stopped, he will continue to cause one incident after another. So I demand his immediate arrest.

Who is Moses?

Rupganj’s top terrorist Mosharraf Hossain Mosha is accused in 34 cases including murder, robbery, extortion, rape, extortion, kidnapping. Under the umbrella of an influential local leader of the ruling party, Mosha and his forces have become reckless. A terrible crime empire has built up in the new mega city of the country.

According to local sources, Mosha, the son of Motaleb of Naora village of Kayetpara union of the upazila, made his debut as a terrorist in 1996 by brutally murdering his elder brother Shahalam by putting a yellow shawl on his body. Over the past 26 years, Moses has become more dangerous and violent.

Public rape of Hindu women was a daily occurrence for Moses. It is also alleged that more than two hundred minority families of Naora village left the area and fled to India due to his persecution. By occupying land and regularly extorting money from various housing institutions in Purbachal, Mosha has built a formidable killer army. His brothers Anwar, Sakhatullah and the second in command of the force, Abbas, are known to be violent and fearsome in this force.

The common people of that area are still sitting at home when they hear their name. They are gradually increasing their crime empire. Looting, dacoity, drug trade and occupation of houses and land is one of the sources of their money. There are 34 cases in Khilkhet, Mohammadpur, Bhatara, Badda, Rampura, Narayanganj Sonargaon, Araihazar and Rupganj in the name of this terrible terrorist who has been in jail 27 times.

Only a few brave and aggrieved people dared to file a case against him. Hundreds more of Mosher’s misdeeds have been suppressed simply because people don’t dare to prosecute.

Three gunmen of identified terrorists

Mosharraf Hossain Mosha travels with three armed security guards (gunmen). The gunman showed his weapon before the lime was out of the drink and created panic among the locals. Mosha has established a reign of terror in the area by throwing bullets or exploding cocktails.

Local residents and even administration officials are amazed how a terrorist like him can openly carry a gunman. While searching for the source of Mosha’s power, it is known that the top leader of Rupganj of the ruling party has his hand on his shoulder. Because of this, this terrible terrorist is doing whatever he wants.

An officer of the intelligence branch of the district police told this reporter on the condition of anonymity that if any important person or businessman of the state lacks real security, he can apply for short barrel or long barrel weapon through the Ministry of Home Affairs according to the Arms Act of 1878 and the Arms Rules of 1924. If you feel insecure, you can apply for a gun license.

However, he must inform the thana police and upazila administration with the written permission of the district administration and pay a minimum income tax of Tk 2 lakh annually. However, Gunman appointments can only be made if important people are at greater risk. In that case, he must be of the rank of state superintendent or industrialist or CIP. Further the exact reason for firing, account of firing should be reported in writing to the police station and district administrator.

According to the sources, when Musharraf’s three bodyguards fired and created terror in the area, they did not report that account to anyone in charge until now. Moreover, neither the district commissioner nor the police station know about his ganman petting. A source said retired members of the military have been employing civilians as gunmen.

However, the people concerned have no idea how legitimate it is. It has been found that 15 citizens are currently traveling with gunman in Rupganj. 1/2 of them have legally appointed or are qualified to have a gunman through all formalities. But most people did not take any approval. Moreover, several cases of murder, extortion, drugs, extortion and other crimes are ongoing against several people.

According to sources, 2/1 of the people who hired Ghanman are industrialists or important people of the state. All the rest are supporters of the government party. They have appointed these gunmen in the shelter of the local top leaders of the ruling party. The leader himself lobbied various departments and illegally kept these gunmen under the protection of terrorists. Because of this, their gunmen are reckless and committing criminal activities.

On the other hand, the terrorist Musharraf is neither a businessman nor a politician. Not a public representative or a party office bearer. However, the people of that area are also questioning the impartiality of the administration due to the movement of 3 armed gunmen.

In this regard, Rupganj police station officer-in-charge AFM Syed said that several cases are ongoing against Mosharraf in Rupganj police station. We don’t know how he got Gunman. He did not inform the police station about the appointment of armed gunmen.

Narayanganj District Commissioner Md. Manjurul Hafiz said, “He does not know exactly who has appointed how many gunmen in Rupganj. However, if he is asked for information in this regard in writing; He will take out the documents and give details in this regard, he said. Separately, he is not aware whether terrorist Musharraf has hired gunmen with permission or not.”

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