Capitol attack mastermind sentenced to 18 years in prison


The rioters attacked the US Capitol Hill building under the orders of Stuart Rhodes, head of the far-right organization Oath Keeper. Multiple cases are going on against them separately. However, 57-year-old Stuart Rhodes has been identified as the main planner of this attack. The court sentenced him to 18 years in prison on Thursday local time.

Many people were excited about what the US Federal Court ruled today. The public prosecutor appealed for exemplary punishment against him. In fact, terrorism charges were filed against him.

A federal judge accepted that his actions were no less than terrorism, even without adding a terrorist clause. A 25-year sentence was appealed to Judge Amit Mehta. But in the end he did not announce the worst sentence. 18 years imprisonment announced. Rhodes was previously found guilty in November 2022. His sentence was announced today.

After losing the 2020 election, the new president, Joe Biden, was supposed to be sworn in in January. Just before that, on January 6, 2021, a group of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol building. They went inside the capitol building and destroyed practically everything. Allegedly, the group attacked the Capitol building under the direction of Rhodes. However, according to Rhodes’ lawyer, his client did not enter the Capitol building. He was standing outside. No one was ordered to enter.

The judge said Rhoades was a very smart person. What he says, people listen as if enchanted. And that is the biggest fear. Hearing his words, a group of people attacked the Capitol. There is a risk of such incidents happening in the future as well. That is why he should get severe punishment. Although he was not charged with terrorism, the judge said that what Rhodes did was nothing less than terrorism. Charges of terrorism can be brought against him. However, charges of sedition or treason have been brought against him.

Former US President Donald Trump is also alleged to have incited the group. The court is hearing about that complaint. In fact, Trump was the first to declare that such a thing should be done to save the country. During his defense in the courtroom today, Rhodas also said that what he did was for the sake of saving the country. Source: Deutsche Welle.

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