Minor died of food poisoning, 4 members of the family were admitted to the hospital

Minor died of food poisoning, 4 members of the family were admitted to the hospital
Minor died of food poisoning, 4 members of the family were admitted to the hospital

Subir Das, Kalyani: Bara made with dal, besan and egg was eaten by the whole family together. No one could even dream that eating this braa with rice at dinner can cause death. But that’s what actually happened. An 8-year-old girl died of poisoning from this food. Shreyasi Dey, a resident of Kumorpara area of ​​Halishahar, died on Thursday night. Four other members of the family, including his mother, were admitted to the hospital in Kalyani. However, forgetting their illness, the whole family mourned the death of the youngest daughter of the family.

The incident started on Monday night. On that day, two families living in Kumorpara area of ​​Ward No. 1 of Halisahar Municipality had a meal together. On the menu was a bara made of rice and dal-egg-besan. After eating it, almost everyone in the house got upset stomach. Have to go to the toilet repeatedly. A total of four people were admitted to Kalyani JMA Hospital when the situation worsened on Tuesday morning. Among them were eight-year-old Shreyasi, her mother Shikha De, aunt Subhadra De, sister Bulbul De and grandfather Gopal De. Shreyasi died in the night. The doctors said that all of them have fallen ill due to food poisoning.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘কাশ্মীরের থেকেও ভয়ঙ্কর পরিস্থিতি বাংলায়!’ মুক্তি পেল ‘দ্য ডায়রি অফ ওয়েস্টবেঙ্গল’ ছবির ট্রেলার]

All others are under treatment in hospital. Among them, Subhadra Devi has been shifted to another hospital as her condition deteriorates. The question arises, how did they get poisoned after eating home cooking? Everyone in the family is in the dark about this. Shikhadevi, the mother of the deceased Shreysi, said crying that the girl did not have any problems. Only once or twice did he defecate. But since then the body started to deteriorate. So they took him to the hospital. But you can’t even think of losing your daughter like this. According to the police, Shreyasi’s body has been sent for post mortem. After that, the body will be handed over to the family today.

[আরও পড়ুন: সিদ্দারামাইয়া সরকারের ভবিষ্যৎ অনিশ্চিত! কর্ণাটকে পালাবদল হতেই বিজেপির সুর কুমারস্বামীর মুখে]

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