Throwing soil on the broken bridge is dangerous

Throwing soil on the broken bridge is dangerous
Throwing soil on the broken bridge is dangerous

In Bhurungamari of Kurigram, people of five villages are moving dangerously by making a road by throwing soil on the broken bridge.

The Chowdhury Bazar bridge built on Sonahat stream in Bangsonahat union of the upazila was destroyed by flood about six years ago. People are moving at risk because the bridge is not repaired. Pedestrians are victims of accidents.

UP Chairman Mainul Islam Liton said that a part of the bridge fell to the ground when the north end pillar of Chowdhury Bazar Bridge built on Sonahat Ram (Bill) was to be delivered. Recently, due to the extension of that part, one end of the broken part of the bridge is high and the other end is low. Accidents occurred when vehicles overturned to climb up from the lower part. Besides, if people tried to climb the vehicles by pushing them, they would face accidents. Due to the increase in accidents, a dirt road has been constructed on the bridge to make it suitable for traffic.

Local residents Swapan and Bachchu Mia said that thousands of people from Chowdhury Bazar, Charbaldia, Ganairkuti, Mahiganj and Satipuri villages travel over this bridge. As the bridge has not been repaired for a long time, vehicles are crossing at risk.

Upazila Engineer Harun Or Rashid said that Chowdhury Bazar Bridge has been listed for construction and informed to the higher authorities. It is hoped that the bridge will be constructed soon.

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