ED has confiscated all the property, who will pay the cost of the case now! in danger

ED has confiscated all the property, who will pay the cost of the case now! in danger
ED has confiscated all the property, who will pay the cost of the case now! in danger

Bangla Hunt Desk: He is the President of Birbhum District Trinamool Congress. Anubrata Mondal was once the heavyweight leader of the ruling party. The entire Birbhum was in full swing. ED, under the pressure of the cow smuggling case, that Keshtar is now in a bad situation. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Wednesday seized all of Anubrata’s properties except his ancestral house in Bolpur.

Since then, many issues have been discussed vigorously in the political circles. Many people in Kestor’s close circle are again saying that the leader is not supporting the party in this difficult time. The question is also raised as to who will bear the cost of all the lawyers involved in the cow smuggling case.

According to sources, multiple cases are currently pending against Anuvrata in the courts of Asansol, Calcutta High Court, Delhi. On the other hand, Anubrata’s daughter Sukanya Mondal was recently arrested for non-cooperation in the investigation in the cow smuggling case. As a result, the Sukanya case has also been added to the Delhi court. Currently, both father and daughter are imprisoned in Tihar.

Since the arrest in August last year, renowned lawyers have been fighting the case in court for so long. Heavyweight lawyers are currently fighting the case for Sukanya. Some of them earn a few lakhs of rupees a day. Until now, Anuvrata has provided the money for the case from his own money. But now all the property of ED Mandal family is confiscated and it is absolutely destitute.

Since his arrest, Anuvrata’s popularity has gradually decreased. His picture is no longer seen in the Trinamool meetings and processions or in almost any program in Birbhum district these days. The leader’s name is hardly heard even in the mouth of the party leader. But recently Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee came up with Anubrata and Sukanya issue. But in his bad times, the team will be by his side in every way! This raises questions.

In this regard, BJP’s Bolpur organizational district president Sannyasicharan Mondal said, “It is understood that the party wants to cut Anubrata. But, if Kest opens his mouth, many things will come out, so he has left his post.” The left did not stop punching. CPMO district secretary Gautam Ghosh said, “The share of money reaches the end. But when one is in danger, there is no one by one’s side.”

However, Birbhum Zilla Parishad Chairman and Trinamool Core Committee convener Bikash Roy Chowdhury is unwilling to listen to the opposition. In this context, he said, “It is not acceptable to shout at the opposition all the time and talk irrationally.” They also need to understand that the matter is pending.” Who will add money to Anubrata’s case? In response to this question, he said, “We do not see the issue. So we have nothing to say about it.”

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