Kolkata News SSC Recruitment Scam Tapas Mandal Exclusive Interview By ABP Ananda

Kolkata: Tapas Mandal was summoned to the CGO complex in connection with the SSC Recruitment Scam. And after coming out, he gave an exclusive interview to ABP Anand. ‘Kuntal says there is a person named Niladri Ghosh’, answered the journalist’s question, before getting into the car, ‘He has also been called. I went to collect my money.

Who is Niladri? What is the identity of Niladri?

In response to the question, Tapas Mondal said, ‘He is also a candidate by identity. What does the candidate mean, he gave one or two candidates, later he saw that there would be no more job, then I said that you should arrange to recover the money that I paid. I don’t have time. The journalist then said, ‘The wife claims that there are two flats in Newtown, or you used to run an office in one? After that, Tapas Mandal said, “Why should I go to run his office when I have my own office, why are all these questions coming?” Many will say many things, I will give the answer to the investigating agency.’

Have you ever thought, it is wrong, unfair?

After that, the journalist asked, ‘This is Kuntal Ghosh, who did he help?’ Tapas Mandal said, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” Let the investigating agency investigate who he was helping. When the investigating agency has arrested him, let him take it out.’ How many people did you send to Kuntal Ghosh, 325 people? In response to the journalist’s question, Tapas Mondal said, ‘You have the report.’ Sent these 325 people, it never occurred to you, it is wrong, unfair act? In response to the question, his addition in a slightly softer tone, ‘I admit, it was my mistake.’ ‘You yourself are associated with an educational institution, sending unqualified candidates there’, expressed some heat in the question, ‘Let the government judge who is qualified and unqualified.’

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Incidentally, Pradeep Singh was arrested for corruption in the recruitment of teachers in ninth-tenth. And after he was arrested, his Salt Lake office was searched for about 3 and a half hours. Investigating officials went to house No. 253 of GD Block. According to the investigation sources, it was initially known that Pradeep Singh used to come to that office. According to CBI sources, he took money and got a job in the name of getting a job. Who else is involved here, how this recruitment corruption question has arisen. The CBI lawyer said, Pradeep used to work as a middleman. Pradeep used to contact SSC recruiters by contacting ineligible candidates. A number of email IDs have been found, where the list of names of ineligible candidates has been found. Whose word was the list made? Who gave instructions? And who are connected? CBI is looking into it.

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