Road Transport Act is not enough to prevent accidents: Ilyas Kanchan

Ilyas Kanchan, chairman of the Want Safe Road (Nischa) Movement, said that what is currently in the Road Transport Act (2018) is not enough to prevent accidents. A new chapter on safety should be added to the law or a separate law should be made. He said these things at the press conference organized by Road Safety Coalition Bangladesh at Zahir Hossain Chowdhury Hall of National Press Club on Tuesday. Bangla News
In response to a question, Elias Kanchan said that the United Nations has given a prescription on how to build roads. How the cars will run on the road is not included in our law. We demand that maybe a chapter should be added or a new law should be made. A good place should be kept for the movement of vehicles. No offtection can be placed on the road. The creation of safe roads by the United Nations is not in our road laws. For this reason, I am demanding to add a new chapter on safety in that law or make a separate law.
Earlier, Nichsa Chairman Elias Kanchan read the written statement at the press conference. He said, in order to make the roads more safe, the Road Transport Act 2018 demanded the formulation of a separate road safety law based on the internationally recognized five pillars or ‘Safe Systems Approach’ (road management, safe roads, safe motor vehicles, safe road users and effective post-accident management). .
He said that although the issuance of road transport rules is a commendable initiative, there are some limitations. Our current Road Transport Act-2018 and Road Transport Rules-2022 mainly deal with Road Transport Act and Road Transport System. These laws and regulations are not sufficient to ensure road safety regulations. Because the current Road Transport Act-2018 and Road Transport Rules-2022 have not been made to ensure road safety in the light of the five pillars described in the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 of the United Nations and the five pillars described in the eighth five-year plan of the Government of Bangladesh. Therefore, we demand that a separate road safety law be enacted as soon as possible.
The press conference was also attended by Imam Zafar Sikdar, Director of Youth and Volunteers Department of Bangladesh Red Christian Society, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bangladesh NGO Network for Radio and Communication, AHM Bajlur Rahman, Managing Director (MD) of Impulsive Communication Limited, Khandaker Hasibuzzaman and others.

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