Rahul Gandhi | Bharat Jodo Yatra: Is Rahul Gandhi the Forest Gump of Indian politics dgtls

Someone said, “Don’t you look like Karl Marx?” Another said, “Uh, looks a lot like Baba Ramdev.” Another said, “Looks like a saffron-blowing lion, though.”


Anandabazar Online’s editorial office seemed to be listening to the torn comments, really! how do you feel After a lot of thought, I found only one person in common with this Rahul Gandhi. The central character of the classic 1994 film ‘Forrest Gump’. The forest, which started an almost endless race.

A total of six Oscar-winning films, including Best Picture, Best Actor, ‘Forrest Gump’ was set against the backdrop of America. The central character is Forrest. The film revolves around his life. Whose role was played by Tom Hanks. Forrest is from Alabama. Lives with his mother. She is a single mother. The man alone ran a boarding house. And pushes his only son to overcome all the obstacles of the world and move forward on the path of life (Sonia Gandhi’s shadow is visible somewhere?). Forrest wears braces on both legs due to physical disabilities. In a moment of danger, Forrest hears the call of his soul. Ignoring the brace on the wrong leg, he started running. With a jerk, the metal bindings on his legs were opened. Kishore Forrest started flying almost like a bird in the joy of liberation.

This Rahul Gandhi has a strange similarity with the central character of ‘Forrest Gump’. Thoughts Courtesy: 28th Kolkata International Film Festival

Life goes on. The days and nights of the forest are like a whirlwind. Like a play. One of the milestones of that storm is written as a huge success for the country in sports, in another written as saving the life of a teammate by participating in the Vietnam War, in another written as a millionaire selling small shrimps. After achieving that mountain of success at various stages of his life (even, after being extremely close to his childhood sweetheart), who knows why Forrest runs away from home. He ran that cross country marathon for three or three consecutive years. runs away


During that run, the scenery around the forest changed dramatically. The weather changes. The environment changes. His beard grew like that of sage Ravi Tagore. The hair on the head becomes woskokhusko. Under the influence of the four sides, an evolution takes place in him. The race changes the life of the last leg of Forrest, who is much lower than the average person, born with an IQ of only 75, a bit stocky, a bit marginalized, a bit struggling with the society. Back home she discovers her child. whose name is Forrest Jr.

The shooting of ‘Forrest Gump’ started in August 1993. Ended in December. After 18 years, what happened, the ‘frame by frame’ remake of that Hollywood film is in this country! The name is ‘Lal Singh Chadda’. The Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Aamir Khan-starrer Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor Khan was released in August 2022. However, that picture could not stand at all. Like Forrest, his desi version Lal Singh is also seen in the role of a racer. It must be a coincidence that Rahul’s walk started at the beginning of September 2022. A month after the release of ‘Lal Singh Chadha’.

Ending? Who knows! may be Can’t. But the bigger question than that inquiry is – Will this journey change Rahul’s political life?

It is changing like this. But Rahul’s political life can change his journey? Image Courtesy: Bharat Joro.in

Former American President Barak Obama wrote about Rahul in his book ‘A Promised Land’, ‘He seems to be running around all the time. He seems to be the student in the class who wants to impress the teacher by completing his course quickly. But inside does not want to assimilate the matter. A flaw of that passion is also seen in him.’

Rahul has always been seen as politically apathetic. Who does not want to be in the Kumbhipapa of politics. But forced to bear the cross of family tradition outdoors. The burden of a centuries-old party (or is it the party itself now ‘burden’) has fallen upon him by birth. He can’t even try to cut in this direction. That’s why Ishat Newbj is also.

Why does a fifty-two-year-old (middle-aged) such an apparently indifferent politician come out with this dire desire to unite India! He who walks 3,570 kilometers for one and a half hundred days. From Kanyakumarika to Kashmir—his tour will pass through 12 states and two Union Territories. To unite the country against hatred and division in the country. to add In search of India’s soul.

But people are not going bad on Rahul’s journey. Sometimes Riya Sen walks with him, sometimes Swara Bhaskar, sometimes Pooja Bhatt, sometimes Sushant Singh. Sometimes Raghuram Rajan, sometimes Sonia Gandhi, sometimes Priyanka Gandhi.

But it is also worth noting that this journey of connecting India does not touch East and North-East India (Adhir Chowdhury is doing a journey in Bengal with Rahul’s ‘Bakalma’. But it is for the sake of normal rules. It is like giving flowers to Chand Saudagar’s left hand to Ma Mansa). Madhya Pradesh was slightly touched but Gujarat was not touched at all. Uttar Pradesh has been touched like an old lady. Yet its name is ‘Bharat Joro Yatra’.

Is this publicity stunt? Drama? Or is it really a call to the people of the country to be with each other?

The former Congress president walks an average of 30 kilometers every day. Waking up every morning at four in the morning and getting ready to start walking. It is clear that he has not been cutting his hair and beard for a long time. But cutting the nails, it can be understood if the pictures are ‘zoomed’. Curious, who is cutting his nails? Couldn’t the one who is cutting his nails trim his hair and beard and clean him up a bit? Or that yogi-like appearance is actually a package!

From the very beginning, many are skeptical about how much influence this journey of voluntary-born Rahul will have in the general elections. The doubters didn’t hesitate to say that. Many have compared his journey to LK Advani’s Rath Yatra (in effect, Rahul is ‘tookli’ Advani). Said, Narendra Modi got the result of traveling across the country with Advani’s Ram Rath. He didn’t. But Rahul has started this Forrest Gump-style scam thinking of a future leader! Or did he actually start this walk for himself?

But Rahul did not listen to this. Perhaps he thought of rebuilding a long-term brand of Congress as a ‘party’ and not an individual. Which cannot be done overnight for this devastated team. This is the first long-term effort by the Congress since the Modi government came to power in Dordandapratap eight years ago. It is difficult to say what the Congress has gained so far. But Rahul, sporting a blue fitness band on his left wrist, appears fitter, leaner and more determined.

At the end of the six-month journey, can the 'Forrest Gump' of Indian politics create a new future?

At the end of the six-month journey, can the ‘Forrest Gump’ of Indian politics create a new future? Photo: PTI.

According to the route of Bharat Joro Yatra given on their website, Rahul will reach Pathankot in Jammu to complete the walk by next February. But then the real reckoning will begin. Did Rahul’s journey help Congress retain Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh? Or was able to oust the BJP from Karnataka? BJP has about 40 percent of the votes in the country, was able to put a toll?

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After the cross country race, Junior Forrest came back and found the story of Forrest. new life new responsibilities new beginning

At the end of the six-month journey, can the ‘Forrest Gump’ of Indian politics create a new future? Or will this history of inhumane manual labor ultimately relegate him to nothing more than an athlete? And his entire journey will be boxed in the Mahafezkhana of time as the ‘greatest political athletic meet’! The sticker above the box will read — Pappu!

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