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Saudi Arabian footballers are getting a Rolls Royce Phantom

A public holiday has already been declared in Saudi Arabia to celebrate the historic victory over Argentina. However, those who brought this victory, the Saudi Arabian authorities have also given them the opportunity to celebrate. Each of the team will reportedly be gifted a Rolls Royce car.

Saudi Arabia gave Qatar the first incident of the World Cup by beating Argentina yesterday. They beat Argentina, one of the favorites of the tournament, 2-1. Immediately after this, Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman proposed to King Salman bin Abdulaziz to declare a national holiday.

The King approved the proposal. As a result, all public and private institutions, offices and schools in Saudi Arabia are closed today. Later, the Prince announced again that every footballer who played against Argentina would be awarded a Rolls Royce Phantom car.

Jubilation started in the country after the victory of Saudi. Saudi Arabia is a football crazy country. Thousands of people took to the streets after this unforgettable victory. They have shown how important it is to them to lose a team like Argentina.

Meanwhile, after winning the match, the footballers gave all the credit to the coach of the team, Harvey Renard. Saudi midfielder Abdullah Al-Malki said, before the start of the match, the coach called us all to give 200 percent of ourselves for the country. He told us the story of how we had come so far. We cried listening to all those words. I got an extra urge to actually do something.

Saudi Arabia fell behind with a penalty goal in the first half against Argentina. The first half goes like this. Encouraged by the coach at the break, Saudi Arabia came back with renewed vigor in the second half. Played aggressively. Alshehri and Aldawshari scored two goals within five minutes.

Along with that, after stopping Messi one by one, the goalkeeper Mohammad Al Wais said, today is our day.

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