For the first time, Stefani Frappa will officiate a World Cup football match

Stephanie Frappa is 38 years old now. This woman grew up in Herblay-sur-Seine, France. From the time everyone learned football, Frapa began to serve as a referee. Frapa told The Atlantic that since the age of 13, I play football every Saturday and work as a referee on Sundays. After entering the university, I chose sports as a subject of study.

At the age of 18, Stephanie served as a referee in the U-19 national football competition. Now he is a star on the football field. In an interview with CNN, this referee said, ‘When I run around the stadium during the game, the audience keeps shouting my intention. When I look at them from the field, I see that they are waving to me and greeting me.’

Frapa, who likes to think of himself as ordinary, says ‘I don’t think I’m breaking tradition or making history; I’m just trying to do my job.’ He said that he does not follow anyone, ‘No person is an ideal role model for me. I think everyone is different. You have to make yourself your own. A lot of people now recognize me on the street, I think that’s the only difference.’

Frapa played in the midfield as a teenager. Saying that she loves football very much, Frapa said, ‘As a woman, we have to prove a lot. You have to prove yourself more or less on the football field.’ Frappa attended the European Football Union UEFA Champions League as a star referee. From there he earns about 4 thousand 800 to 5 thousand 800 euros per match. Frapa gets a lot of confidence in the field with his work. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said after the UEFA Super Cup final, ‘You couldn’t have controlled the game better than Frappa.’ From the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to the French footballer Kylian Mbappe, Frapa has decided on the ball of the feet of various European club football matches.

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