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Brazil’s hexa mission is this time?

The wait for football fans is coming to an end in a few hours. Today the curtain rises on Qatar World Cup.

Brazil is one of the favorites of this year’s World Cup. The hopes of the fans around the star-studded team are sky high.

Neymar, the nucleus of the team, is now in the spotlight. Brazil’s hexa mission will be completed if they become champions this time. Brazil has a good chance of lifting the trophy six times.

‘Neymar can only if he tries’ – After the heartbreak of the last two World Cups, this is a phrase that has been heard many times in the mouths of Brazilian fans about Neymar.

But Neymar can’t. In fact, after the 2015-16 season, Neymar has not been seen performing among the best in club football.

He was one of the ‘Ballon d’or’ hopefuls. But repeatedly disappointed.

It is not unfair to have a little too much expectation on the person who wears the number 10 jersey of a traditional team like Brazil.

But in the last two World Cups, Neymar could not meet these expectations.

The pressure of expectations around The Phenomenon is a little higher for fans. Brazilian fans hope Neymar can fulfill Brazil’s hexa mission.

However, controversies are a regular occurrence in Neymar’s career. This time he is not able to perform on the big stage in the field.

Scored 16 goals in qualifying; But when the team’s name is Brazil, few fans will remember a qualifying performance, if not to live up to expectations at the World Cup.

Neymar’s name has been mentioned along with Messi-Ronaldo, but he has rarely reciprocated.

The recent performance of the Brazilian team is eye-catching. Under coach Tite, Brazil are unbeaten in their last 29 matches, conceding no goals in 13 of their last 17 matches.

At the same time, in these 29 matches, Brazil scored an average of two and a half goals in the opponent’s net.

However, before the World Cup, Brazil has some concerns about the team and playing the right footballers in the right positions.

Source: BBC.

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