Buff’s investment and hard work is the achievement: Sabina

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Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 10:50 AM

Captain Sabina Khatun speaking at the press conference. Photo: Feroz Ahmed


Captain Sabina Khatun speaking at the press conference. Photo: Feroz Ahmed

The success of Bangladeshi girls to be the best in South Asian football did not come suddenly. Long term planning, long run camps. And the girls’ concentration and dedication paid off in the playground. This is what the title-winning captain Sabina Khatun and coach Golam Rabbani Choton said. Both thanked the president Kazi Salauddin.

Bangladesh became the undefeated champions in the Women’s Saaf Championship. After returning home with the trophy on Wednesday, they cut the lights in a colorful procession in an open-top bus. It takes about 5 hours from the airport to cross the huge flow of people and reach the Buffe building.

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Forgetting the tiredness of the media conference, which was organized in a chaotic manner, Sabina first thanked the organizers, ‘First of all, I thank the 16 crore people of Bangladesh. They had support. Of course I thank the President Sir and Kiran Apa Chairman of Women Wings. To our beloved Ghulam Rabbani Sir and Technical Director Paul Smalley.’

For the past five years, women footballers have been housed in the Bafuff building. Tana camp is going on there. Everything from fitness to skill is taken care of in special management. Sabina sees the importance of this camp separately, ‘Actually, you have seen that we are in one place for four or five years, we are in the camp. President Sir was saying a little while ago, Sanjida was saying that, “Sir (Salauddin) playing football is very difficult.” Sir said that if you try hard, you will get the results. I think the hard work, everyone’s support and investment for the girls has paid off, it is our big success. Our aim will be to keep people happy.’

It is not worth saying how much the people of Bangladesh are addicted to football, how much they love football. You were always by my side. Thank you very much.’

Coach Golam Rabbani Choton speaking at the press conference. Photo: Feroz Ahmed


Golam Rabbani Choton

Coach Golam Rabbani Choton speaking at the press conference. Photo: Feroz Ahmed

After speaking of Sabina, coach Choton came to the same chair and highlighted the stages of their journey from the beginning, ‘Our change started from 2012. Since then we give importance to girls’ football. After the arrival of Sir (Kazi Salahuddin) the women’s committee was formed. Those who are Sanjida today, those who are Krishna, Masura, but they have come up in the plan.’

From there I played the under-16 selection. We also won with Jordan in the final. We qualified in 2016. There, North Korea, South Korea and Australia fell into our group. Sir told us you have no option but long term plan. Our camp started in 2016. This is the path. There are 70 girls in our camp now.’

After starting from 2016, Under-15 was cleared in Dhaka. We are champions. In 2018, U-18 was cleared for the first time in Bhutan and we became champions there too. In 2021, the first under-19 cleared in Dhaka, we also became champions.

‘The issue here was doing well according to age, why not doing well at the senior level? We realized that when our daughters are a little older, nineteen-twenties, we will do better. I went with this belief.’

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