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My road is not over yet: Ronaldo

My road is not over yet: Ronaldo
My road is not over yet: Ronaldo

In this way, he never showed himself in front of everyone about his future. But when the stage is the Portuguese Football Federation, when the audience is his countrymen’s well-wishers, then Cristiano Ronaldo can speak his mind.

“My involvement with the Portugal Football Association may last for a few more years. I still find motivation to play for the national team, my aspirations are very high with the national team. My journey to play for the country is not over yet. There is still a long way to go, I want to compete with the talented youngsters of the team to be selected in the team. I want to play the Qatar World Cup, I want to play the 2024 Euro Championship too.’

As a reward for scoring the maximum 117 goals by playing 189 matches for the country, the Portuguese Federation gave the trophy recognizing Ronaldo. Standing on that stage, Ronaldo announced that he will play in the 2024 Euro Championship, indicating that he can play in the 2026 World Cup as well.

The time is not going well, thirty-eight touching Ronaldo. He wanted to leave Manchester United very much because he was not in the Champions League. But because of the failure of his mission, he felt somewhat mentally broken. After that, although he is steadfast in his decision to stay with Man United, the team no longer sees him that way. Ronaldo has to be on the side bench in almost every match. Because of his form, many assumed that this year’s World Cup in Qatar might be his last international tournament.

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