Messi-Neymar for Mbappe, not Mbappe for Messi-Neymar

Messi-Neymar for Mbappe, not Mbappe for Messi-Neymar
Messi-Neymar for Mbappe, not Mbappe for Messi-Neymar

As always, Paris Saint-Germain have had a great start to the new season in all competitions. After opening the season by winning the French Super Cup, PSG have won 7 out of 8 Ligue 1 matches to top the points table. In addition, the Parisians have won their first two matches in the Champions League.

PSG’s impressive start in all competitions has been driven by an attacking combination of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. So far 25 goals have come from this trio. Mbappe is leading among the three with 10 goals. On the other hand, 9 and 6 goals came from the feet of Neymar and Messi respectively.

However, the contribution of each other’s goals has emerged among the trio. Messi has scored 5 goals so far this season with Kylian Mbappe. Neymar, on the other hand, directly contributed to Mbappe’s three goals. But Mbappe has not contributed to any of Messi or Neymar’s goals so far.

However, Messi and Neymar are very good at scoring goals with each other. Messi scored 3 goals with the Brazilian winger. Neymar, on the other hand, was the direct source of the 34-year-old Argentine forward’s 2 goals.

Comparative picture of Messi-Neymar-Mbappe in terms of contribution to each other’s goals in the 2022-23 season/Collected

Since the start of the season, Mbappe’s disinterest in scoring goals with his teammates has been noticed by many. Later, the graphical chart of the above statistics has also been widely spread on social media recently. As a result, the 23-year-old French forward was also targeted by fans.

Mbappe is contributing to PSG’s attack, said one user on Twitter. Mbappe can’t do anything at PSG without Messi-Neymar. Statistics show the truth behind this saying. Another user said Mbappe is very stingy and selfish.

Another user said the attacking trio had the potential to be great but Mbappe is ruining it. Another user said, this boy (Mbappe) should be humble.

However, there are some who stand in favor of Mbappe. Mbappe is playing the role of striker for their argument team. And the main job of a striker is to score goals. As a result, the number of assists next to his name is normal. In this context, one user said, “It is not his (Mbappe’s) job to score goals with teammates.”

Mbappe was the top scorer in Ligue 1 last season with 23 goals to his name. He was also the top scorer with 17 assists. The French winger is chasing Neymar who scored 8 goals in the race to become the top scorer in League One with 7 goals this season.

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