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India vs Australia | India Vs Australia 2022: Rohit Sharma explains why India lost against Australia in 1st T20I dgtl

India lost against Australia by 208 runs. Rohit Sharma has suffered a setback in the preparation of T20 World Cup. The Indian captain explained why he had to lose despite scoring so many runs after the match. According to Rohit, they have to pay the price of bad bowling and catch failure. He is worried before the World Cup.

After the match, Rohit said, “We did not bowl well. Not less than 200 runs. But we couldn’t do our job when we got down to the ball. The bowlers failed. Our fielding has also been poor. You can’t win a match by making so many catches.

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Australia needed about 60 runs in the last four overs. India could not win the match from there. Rohit blamed not being able to take wickets at the right time as the reason. He said, “When we needed to take wickets, we didn’t do it. If you don’t take wickets, you can’t win the match. If the bowlers could have controlled the ball a little more, the picture of the game would have been different. We have to correct this mistake before the next match.”

However, Rohit praised the team’s batters. He spoke about Hardik in particular. In Rohit’s words, “You can’t score 200 in every match. The batters did their job. Hardik is in good form. Everyone knows what he can do. Hardik is confident in his abilities. It’s good to see that.”

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