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ICC Some changes in cricket rules by ICC from 1 October dgtl

Assisi’s main executive committee meeting was held on Tuesday. Sourav Gangopadhyay was the head of the association. In that meeting it was decided that several rules of cricket will be changed from October 1. In other words, the T20 World Cup will be played under new rules.

Run out of the spider system

If the batter standing towards the non-striker leaves the crease, the bowler can run him out. Henceforth run outs in a spidery manner will not be treated as run outs by unfair means. That’s what Sourav’s association has decided. From now on spider outs will be treated as run outs.

New batter’s strike

If a batter is caught out, the batsman will replace him and play towards the striker. Even if he moves to the other side of the crease before taking the catch, the new batter must bat. If caught out on the last ball of an over only, the new batter will drop to the non-striker.

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Scheduled time for new batter to come down

In the case of Tests and One-dayers, after a batter is out, the new batter will be given two minutes to come to the crease and prepare to bat. In case of T20 cricket, time will be given only 90 seconds.

Dead ball if batted outside the pitch

If a batter goes off the pitch while batting, it will be considered a ‘dead ball’. If a ball forces the batsman to go off the pitch, it is considered a ‘no ball’.

Movement while bowling

A five-run penalty is awarded to the batting side if a fielder changes position or deliberately moves while a bowler is bowling. The ball will also be considered a ‘dead ball’.

Change in run out rules

If a batter comes out of the crease while bowling, the bowler can bowl the ball and run out. Now that would be called a ‘dead ball’.

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The rules of T20 this time also in one day cricket

A fielder had to keep more than 30 yards if the over was not completed in time. This rule was so long only for T20 cricket. From World Cup Super League 2023, this rule will be introduced in one-day cricket as well.

Said spitting

There was a ban on spitting for the last two years due to Corona. The ICC has banned spitting.

Hybrid pitch

Until now, only women’s T20 cricket was played on hybrid pitches. From now on, ICC has allowed the use of hybrid pitches in boys’ cricket (white ball cricket only). Hybrid pitches are artificial pitches where grass grows naturally.

Sourav thinks that cricket will improve by changing multiple rules. At the end of the meeting he said, “The members of the association have helped a lot in making the new rules. Thanks to all members for their valuable suggestions.”

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