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The way Sabinara will go by open-top bus

The way Sabinara will go by open-top bus
The way Sabinara will go by open-top bus

The victorious female footballers are returning to the country on Wednesday after taking Bangladesh to the top of Everest. The plane carrying the winning women footballers will touch the ground at Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 2:30 pm on Wednesday.

Ministry of Youth and Sports and Bangladesh Football Federation have made extensive preparations to welcome the women booters who have won SAFF. A detailed plan has been drawn up on what route the open-top bus will be taken from the time the plane lands at 2.50 pm on Wednesday till it is brought to Bafuffe Bhavan in Motijheel.

The officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports sat in a meeting with BAFUF officials at noon today. It is decided there, how to welcome women footballers, which way to bring them – its detailed roadmap.

Secretary Abu Naim Sohag spoke about these after President Kazi Salauddin in a press conference at Bafufe Bhavan this afternoon. He said that BAFFE officials were also invited to the inter-ministerial meeting. There was a detailed discussion about this and they made a roadmap to come from the airport to Buffe Bhawan after talking to the ministry. Which will be finalized after discussing with the traffic department.

Buff Secretary said, ‘Champion female footballers will get off the plane at 1:50. Minister of State (Zahid Ahsan Russel), Secretary Youth and Sports and officials of the ministry and BAFUF will be present there. However, BAUF President Kazi Salauddin will not be present there. He will be staying at Buffe Bhavan.

Abu Naim Sohag also said, ‘After coming down from the plane, the state minister will welcome them with flowers and sweet faces. A short press conference will be held afterwards. There the footballers will tell their feelings.’

Buffe Secretary said, ‘You know by now, the ministry has made arrangements to celebrate the victory in an open-top bus. That bus is being branded, will have a sound system. Where football and sports related songs will be played. It is in that bus that the brave women booters will come to Bauffe Bhavan.’

Buffe Secretary informed the entire route by talking to the traffic division about the route to Buffe building. He said, ‘From the airport via Kakli, we will use the Mahakhali flyover and after Jahangir Gate, PMO office, we will come to the Vijay Memorial and go to the left hand side. From there I will come to Kakrail through Tejgaon again via flyover. From Kakrail, on the left-hand side – Fakirapool, Arambagh and Motijheel and Shapla Chatwar will reach Bafufe at Bafufe Bhavan.

Buff president Kazi Salauddin will welcome women footballers at this stage. Abu Naim Sohag said, “The President (Kazi Salauddin) will be present in Bafufe Bhavan.” When the girls arrive, he will welcome them with flower sticks. Then there will be a photo session. A press conference may also be held here. After that, the reception will officially end for the time being. The Buff President and the Executive Committee will decide whether or not to organize any other larger receptions.


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