If I were a big man, I would fly to Nepal myself:

If I were a big man, I would fly to Nepal myself:
If I were a big man, I would fly to Nepal myself:

Bangladesh won the Women’s Saaf Championship. The title-winning team will return home on Wednesday. Kazi Salahuddin is the president of BAUF and also the president of SAFF. He himself was supposed to hand over the title to the winning team. However, he said that he did not go to Nepal so that the national team does not feel any pressure.

However, Salahuddin said that after winning Bangladesh, he was no longer at home. At that time, the President said that he wanted to fly to Nepal. He said, ‘If I were an adult, I would fly to Nepal on my own plane. ‘

Regarding not going to Nepal for the final match, Salahuddin said, ‘I didn’t want the girls to feel a pressure due to me going to Nepal. I used to get more publicity there. But I don’t work for publicity. I work for football. ‘

Earlier, Salahuddin said in the media that he regretted not being able to hand over the Saaf title to the country. He said that he would be proud if he could hand over the title to his country as the president of SAFF. However, even if he won the title this time, he could not hand over the title to them himself.

When the team became champions; Talking about his feelings at that time, Salahuddin said, ‘If I were a big man, I would have flown to Nepal by myself. That was my feeling after the team won. Whether I can hand over the title to the team or not is not a big issue. The big thing is to be their champion. The gift these 11 girls have given us is a lifetime achievement. ‘

Bangladesh Time: 1851 hours, September 20, 2022

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