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What will Pak fans do with Kohli’s signed bat? Watch the video

G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Virat Kohli means a different madness. Not only the fans of Indian (India) cricket, but all over the world playing cricket, he has crazy fans in the country. The arch-rival country Pakistan is no exception. He did not see the face of international hundred for long 1020 days. But all that is in the past now. He returned to the century in the match against Afghanistan (Afghanistan) team on Thursday. Picked up the 71st century of his career. After the match, a Pak fan managed to get an autograph from Virat on his bat. Later, Pak fans are talking clearly about the bat autographed by Virat. Even if someone comes to buy that bat for 1 crore, he will not sell it.

The Pakistani fan made this claim while talking to journalist Bimal Kumar on his YouTube channel. He also told how he got this priceless gift from Virat. His collection includes bats signed by many star cricketers. And he said that this new addition to the collection will increase the glory. It should be noted that Virat played an impeccable unbeaten innings of 122 runs off 61 balls against Afghanistan on Thursday.

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The fan said, ‘The bat that I have in my hand was signed by Virat Kohli and given to me as a gift. I am very lucky. Today he scored a hundred. Today was also his last match in Amirshahi. That is why he also gave me this gift. I am very lucky. I just made a special request to him. And he accepted that. I have 150 such bats. I have been collecting like this for the last 8-9 years. I have Imran’s, Shahid (Afridi’s) brother has it. From India I have Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh.’

In response to the question of whether to sell the bat, the fan said, ‘A brother was standing here. He wanted to pay me 4-5 thousand dirhams (1 dirham = 21.68 taka) for this bat. But I won’t sell it. I will not do it even if someone gives me five lakh dirhams (Taka 1 crore).’

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