Sandeep Lamichhane Nepal Captain Sandeep Lamichhane suspended by Nepal Cricket Board after arrest warrant issued dgtl

Sandeep Lamishane has been expelled by the Nepal Cricket Association. Nepal cricket captain has been accused of raping a minor. He has been ordered to be arrested. After this, the country’s cricket body exiled him. Lamishane went to play in the Caribbean Cricket League. He is returning home from there midway.

Lamichane has yet to play a match in the Caribbean League. He is the only cricketer from Nepal, who has played in IPL. He has been accused of rape. Kathmandu District Court gave him Thursday. In other words, the police can arrest the cricketer playing in the IPL from anywhere in the country. Lamichane announced his withdrawal from the Caribbean League on Twitter. There he wrote, ‘I am innocent. I have faith in the laws of Nepal. I am stepping down from the Caribbean Premier League for the time being. Returning home for a few days. False accusations are being made against me. I hope the investigation will be on the right track.’

According to police sources, before the Nepal cricket team’s visit to Kenya on August 22, Lamishane requested the girl to visit Bhaktapur. The girl agreed. At night, the girl wanted to go back to her hostel in Madhya Baneshwar, but Lamishane stopped her. As the hostel closed by eight o’clock, the girl was forced to spend the night with Lamishan at the hotel. First he wants to live in a separate room. Lamishane didn’t let that happen either. Instead, he called her to his house and raped the girl twice. After the girl’s parents filed a complaint, the police got to know this information after investigating.

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In 2018, Lamishane got a chance in Nepal’s national team. Delhi Capitals bought him in IPL that year. Lamishane is the only cricketer from Nepal to have played in the IPL. He made his debut for Delhi against Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore. In 2018, he played three matches for Delhi and took five wickets. Lamichane played six matches for Delhi the following year. Took eight wickets. He was released by Delhi in 2020. Lamishane did not get a chance to play in the IPL after that.

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