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PCB will file a complaint against Afghanistan to the ICC

PCB will file a complaint against Afghanistan to the ICC
PCB will file a complaint against Afghanistan to the ICC

It is an unwritten rule that if there is a fierce competition between two teams in the field of play, there will be tension. However, whatever happens, everything will be within limits. Unsportsmanlike conduct is never acceptable.

However, the tension in Tuesday’s match between Afghanistan and Pakistan has gone too far. Pakistani batsman Asif Ali hit Afghan pacer Farid Ahmed. Not only that, Asif Ali was also seen to be eager to beat him with the bat.

However, in the end, nothing untoward happened. Other cricketers came and stood in between and overtook the two. The effect of this incident in the field has reached the gallery as well. There, the Afghan fans were seen getting quite excited and attacking the Pakistani fans.

The net world is abuzz with these two incidents. Why only the net world, Pakistan and Afghanistan cricket field is also going on. One is talking pointing fingers at the other.

The Pakistan Cricket Board will make a written complaint to the ICC regarding these issues, especially the attack on the Afghan fans in the gallery. PCB Chairman Ramiz Rajai informed this information.

Talking to the media, Ramiz Raja said, ‘You cannot associate terrorist activities with cricket. And such environment will make you sick. We will inform the ICC in writing, outlining our concerns. I will do what I can. Because the scenes were horrible.’

This is not the first time that something like this has happened, Ramiz said, ‘This is not the first time. Losing and winning are part of the game. It was a fiercely contested fight. But emotions should be kept under control. If the environment is not good, you can never progress as a cricket playing country. And because of this, we will convey our pain and frustration to the ICC. We have a responsibility to the fans, anything could have happened. Our team could have been in danger. We will complain according to protocol.’


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