Serena Williams | How Serena Williams impacted in the lives of black people of America dgtl

Serena Williams | How Serena Williams impacted in the lives of black people of America dgtl
Serena Williams | How Serena Williams impacted in the lives of black people of America dgtl

Is Serena Williams just one of the greatest women’s tennis players of all time? Does Serena Williams mean only 23 Grand Slams? Is Serena Williams just a mother who is taking herself out of the game to raise a family? Or is Serena Williams the name of a black athlete who has seemingly turned the spotlight on the white man’s sport?

All the above adjectives used next to his name are true. With the way women’s tennis has been going lately, there are questions about who will break Serena’s 23 Grand Slams, or if anyone can break them at all. She is arguably one of the best female tennis players in the world.

But there is another side to Serena, in which she does not contribute directly but indirectly. Despite announcing her retirement from tennis after losing in the round of the US Open, Serena did something unnoticed that will pay off in the days to come.

Serena and her aunt Venus coming up from a poor family in Los Angeles, playing tennis in the street and pocketing one Grand Slam after another, being black and talking into the eyes of white people—there are many examples to be inspired from. The two sisters were closely watched by America Tennis Association boss and former tennis player Martin Blackman. The extent of Serena’s influence on the lives of black people has come out in his words.

Says, “He and Vinas grew up in a poor family in Compton. There was no money to play tennis. It took a lot of investment. Moreover, in the racist American society, the game was mainly white. Getting over that difficult situation is the first step in their rise.” Adds Blackman, “Being Afro-American myself, I could relate to them. I was surprised to see their confidence. The rest looked on in amazement.”

According to Blackman, Serena’s biggest quality is confidence. Serena is another name for not compromising yourself, fighting against the obstacles ahead. Serena has been able to bury the seeds of confidence not only among blacks, but also among Spanish-speaking Americans, immigrants from different countries, and even homosexuals. His rise had a particular impact on the country’s blacks. Seeing Serena, young children of many black families came forward to play tennis. Day by day it is increasing.

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It will be understood by giving an example. There were 12 African-American players at the US Open two years ago. Gina Garrison was the first African-American to reach a Grand Slam final before Serena. In the past five years, Afro-Americans like Coco Gough, Sloane Stephens and Madison Keys have played in the finals. Let’s not forget Japan’s Naomi Osaka. His roots, however, are not in Africa, but in Japan. But Osaka is also considered as a representative of the black community in America.

How Serena has influenced Afro-Americans is understood by Goff. This time in the French Open, he lost in the final. He later said, “Before Serena, there was no player in tennis with whom I could relate. Playing tennis was never a problem growing up. Because I knew that the number one tennis player in the world looks a lot like me. Being born black in this world means being a little less happy. As Serena has taught, she is not willing to settle for less.”

Leila Fernandez, a black Canadian player, said, “Serina led the way for female tennis players. I learned from Serena how to achieve goals, how to fight for one’s rights.”

“Serena is not only a tennis player, but one of the most important athletes in the world,” Rafael Nadal said before the start of the US Open. “Serina will be talked about in the next 100 years,” said Daniil Medvedev. That is, not only in the world of women’s tennis, Serena has taken herself to such a height that she has earned respect from male tennis players as well. Not only girls, boys also want to learn and be inspired by him.

Not with her head down, Serena is leaving with her head held high. Serena left with her head held high.

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