Asia Cup ‘knockout’ match: Farewell to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?

Asia Cup ‘knockout’ match: Farewell to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?
Asia Cup ‘knockout’ match: Farewell to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?

Afghanistan has left both teams with their backs against the wall. Either team will now have to withdraw from the Asia Cup. Who will be the unfortunate team-Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?

Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match now means extra excitement. Be it the famous ‘Naagin Dance’ or the players of the two teams getting involved in the dispute during the Nidahas Trophy, various incidents have created animosity between the fans of the two countries.

The two teams are now close in strength. So no one can be called a favorite in what is shaping up to be a knockout fight in Dubai today (Thursday). The match will start at 8 pm Bangladesh time.

The recent T20 performance of both the teams is going. Both started the current tournament with defeats to Afghanistan.

Sri Lanka have lost 10 of their last 14 T20Is. If this statistic seems too bad to you, then listen to Bangladesh. The Tigers have lost 14 of their last 16 T20Is.

The two teams with such shaky performance have to face each other in a tough fight. Those who win today will be named in the Super Four. The losing team will be eliminated.

Now the question may come, who is ahead in the face-to-face fight? If you want to guess from that, who is more likely to win, you will be greatly deceived.

Because Sri Lanka have won 8 of the last 12 T20Is against Bangladesh. As this statistic puts the Lankans ahead, another statistic keeps them behind.

Bangladesh have won both the last three T20Is against the Lankans. So judging by the recent form against this opponent, the Tigers will again be ahead.

That means that in all aspects no side’s stake is heavy. The team that plays well on a given day will win. The familiar bully of cricket has to be overcome before today’s knockout match.


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