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India World Cup has created a unique record

India World Cup has created a unique record
India World Cup has created a unique record

The curtain fell on the 13th edition of the ODI World Cup with the final between the hosts India and Australia. Australia clinched the sixth title by 6 wickets after stunning 130,000 Indian fans in the final. The cricket world has seen one record after another in this World Cup.

In the recently concluded India World Cup, 644 sixes were hit, which is the highest in the history of ODI World Cup. The 2015 World Cup record of 463 sixes has fallen behind. The record for most centuries has also been made in this World Cup – 40. Behind is the 2015 World Cup (38).

Not only that, the first timed out in the history of international cricket was seen in this India World Cup. Sri Lanka’s Angelo Mathews was timed out against Bangladesh. This time India World Cup has set a unique record outside the field.

In the history of the World Cup, the largest number of people sat on the field and watched the game in this World Cup. 2015 Australia and New Zealand World Cup is behind. Not only the World Cup, the recently concluded India World Cup saw the highest number of people watching the game in the ICC organized tournament.

According to ICC, 1.2 lakh 50 thousand 307 spectators sat in the gallery to watch India’s World Cup. Which is the highest in any ICC event. 2015 ODI World Cup has been surpassed. The World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand was watched by 1 million 16 thousand 420 spectators. The 2019 World Cup in England had 752,000 visitors, the third highest.

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