India’s objection can change the World Cup format!

India’s objection can change the World Cup format!
India’s objection can change the World Cup format!

After two seasons, the World Cup is returning once again to the group stage and knockout stages. Super Six will return after 24 years. Something that was last seen in the 2003 World Cup in South Africa. The World Cup is returning to South Africa after two centuries. Returning with Super Six episode. At the same time, the number of teams is increasing in this tournament after the World Cup. Against 10 teams, 14 teams will play South Africa-Zimbabwe World Cup.

The decision to increase this team is mainly due to constant pressure from the ICC partner countries. The absence of teams like Zimbabwe, Ireland or the absence of the West Indies in this World Cup is a big reason for increasing the team. However, such a decision has been taken by the Indian cricket board BCCI and ICC’s broadcasting partner Disney Plus Hotstar.

They are mainly opposed due to the fear that the audience of the World Cup will decrease if India is eliminated in this tournament of the knockout genre. And the Indian board also agrees.

English Daily Mail published this news. A few years ago, Disney Star signed a four-year contract with the ICC. Twelve months later, the ICC announced that the 2027 World Cup will have 14 teams. Which means it will have group stage. It will reduce India’s matches. Also viewership will decrease.

And if the views decrease, the income will decrease. In other words, if India’s matches decrease, the income of the World Cup will decrease. And with this, there is a possibility of India’s rapid elimination. Just like it happened in 2007 World Cup. India’s departure from the group stage of the service had reduced the ICC’s income. Mainly for these reasons, India and Disney Plus are in conflict over the 14-team World Cup.

The ICC has said that they have no intention of agreeing to this offer. But, in the end, there are questions about how long they will last in front of India and broadcasters. However, 1 year time is still in hand to come to the final decision.


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