ODI World Cup 2023: ‘Don’t stop, move forward’, Kapil gives life lesson to Rohit Sharma


News Daily Digital Desk: Advice for Rohit Sharma and his teammates from Tirashi’s world-winning team captain Kapil Dev. Don’t stop. must move on. That’s what sportsmen do.

Team India lost to Pat Cummins’ Australia in the Twenty30 World Cup final on Sunday. India’s dream was shattered at the Narendra Modi Stadium. The whole country is mourning. What Kapil said in such an atmosphere is not only for cricketers. Advice for all sportspersons. Kapil gave life lessons.

The country’s greatest all-rounder says, “The sport moves on. I would never say that someone will carry this loss forever. Sportsmen have to plan for the next day. We cannot change what has happened. But you have to work hard. That’s what sportsmen do. They played great cricket. The game highlights the highway. Yes, it was the last hurdle they couldn’t jump over. A true athlete learns from mistakes.” Kapil, however, consoled Indian captain Rohit Sharma on social media after Team India lost. He said to Hitman, “Keep your head up Rohit. Much more success awaits you.”

Meanwhile, a fierce debate has been created across the country about Kapildev. He was not invited to Sunday’s final. The color of politics is in the whole incident. Several political figures said, “Politics has entered into everything. Cricket is no exception.”

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