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Brazil-Argentina clash: As will be the XI

Brazil-Argentina clash: As will be the XI
Brazil-Argentina clash: As will be the XI

Brazil and Argentina will face each other in the World Cup qualifiers on Wednesday at 6:30 am Bangladesh time. Argentina will play most of the World Cup-winning team, including Lionel Messi, in the match at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

On the other hand, Brazil will have to play with a new-look team. The starting XI could feature two or three World Cup regulars.

For example, Douglas Lewis, Andre and Bruno Guimarez can get the responsibility of managing Brazil’s midfield. Gabriel Maghailes or Emerson Royle, who have joined the old Marquinhos in defence, are also part of the new project.

Brazil’s new coach Fernando Diniz has played Gabriel Martinelli in the number nine position in the match against Colombia. He also scored a goal in partnership with Vini. He can also be seen in the striker position against Argentina. Gabriel Jesus can also return to the starting XI.

In that case, Rodrigo Goes and Rafinha will be seen playing on two wings. Alison Becker is more likely to play under the goal as Elson is injured.

Argentina, on the other hand, are still relying on Otamendi in defence. Cristian Romero is with him. Nahuel Molina and Nicolas Tiagliafico can play in the two wing backs. The midfield is also a very settled team. McAllister and De Paul with Enzo Fernand. Lautaro Martinez is more likely to play with Messi and Di Maria in attack. In that case, Julian Alvarez should be on the bench.

Brazil’s probable starting XI: Alisson, Emerson, Marquinhos, Maghales, Lodi, Andre, Douglas Lewis, Guimarez, Rafinha, Martinelli and Rodrigo Goes.

Argentina starting XI: Amy Martinez, Molina, Otamendi, Romero, Tagliafico, Enzo, De Paul, McAllister, Messi, Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez.

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