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The group stage of the World Cup is over, now the semi-final and final are waiting for the thrill. India and New Zealand will play in the first semi-final of the World Cup on November 15. Australia’s Rod Tucker and England’s umpire Richard Illingworth will be on-field umpires in this upcoming match.

Illingworth will make the feat of umpiring the 100th ODI match with this match. Earlier, he served as the umpire in the India-New Zealand semi-final in the 2019 World Cup. However, Tucker served as the third umpire of the service.

Tucker started umpiring in ODI cricket from 2009. This time, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has given responsibility to this experienced umpire in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Meanwhile, Richard Kettleborough will be the field umpire in the second semi-final. Indian Nitin Menon will be with him as another umpire. Meanwhile, Kettleborough has set a record of umpiring in 100 ODIs in this World Cup. Now in that same World Cup, the major responsibility of umpiring in the semi-final has fallen on his shoulders.

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Announcing the names of umpires and match referees, ICC Umpires and Referees Manager Sean Izzi said they are happy to announce their names. EG congratulated them for performing their duties properly in the group stage matches.

List of Umpires and Match Referees-


First semi-final: India vs New Zealand, Wednesday, November 15, Mumbai

Field Umpires: Richard Illingworth, Rod Tucker
Third Umpire: Joel Wilson
Fourth Umpire: Adrian Holdstock
Match Referee: Andy Pycroft

Second semi-final: Australia v South Africa, Thursday, November 16, Kolkata

Field Umpires: Richard Kettleborough, Nitin Menon
Third Umpire: Chris Gaffney
Fourth Umpire: Michael Gough
Match Referee: Javagal Srinath

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