Is Rachin named after Rahul and Sachin?

Is Rachin named after Rahul and Sachin?
Is Rachin named after Rahul and Sachin?

23-year-old left-handed batsman Rachin Ravindra is playing great cricket with the bat in the World Cup held in India. The left-handed spin all-rounder scored the third-highest 565 runs of the tournament. The team will also be looking at him in the semi-final against India.

The posterboy of New Zealand, Rochin is of Indian origin. Even her grandmother still lives in India. However, the engineer father migrated to New Zealand in 1990 in search of a career. Rachin was born in 1999.

It has been claimed on various occasions on social media that Rachin’s father Ravi Krishnamurthy was a fan of two of India’s legendary batsmen, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar. Named son Rachin with the beginning and end of their names.

It has been claimed that Rachin is named after Rahul Dravid’s ‘Raw’ and Sachin Tendulkar’s ‘China’. However, the left-handed all-rounder’s father Krishnamoorthy said that claim is not true.

He told the news media The Print, ‘My wife suggested the name when Rachin was born. We didn’t spend much time discussing names. The name Rachin was simple, short, easy to pronounce. That’s why this name is kept.’

However, after a few years of naming, they also discovered that Rahul and Sachin’s name is a mix of Rachin. But they are not deliberately named to match. That name is not even from the desire to make the son a cricketer.

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