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ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Ticket of world cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa available on online dgtl

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Ticket of world cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa available on online dgtl
ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Ticket of world cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa available on online dgtl

‘Grandpa! A ticket to the India-Pakistan semi-final in Eden?’

‘Pakistan has not yet risen!’

‘Get up, get up. The semi-final will be in Eden.’

No, none of the figures match this calculation. The impossible was never possible.

Eden Gardens is still in the World Cup. There are semi-finals on Thursday. There are teams like Australia, South Africa. The stage for the fight is also ready. Both teams are in town. But neither India nor Pakistan. So there is no line in Maidan. No ticket required. There is no wailing known to sports fans. There is no complaint of black market. There is no crowd in front of Eden.

There are only tickets. Yes, Thursday Eden match tickets are available online even 48 hours in advance.

Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli are in the World Cup. Calcutta people have passion and madness about them. But with Eden, the cricket fever of this city disappeared.

The company that was accused of ‘disappearing’ tickets a few days ago is also there. There is an application to buy tickets online. However, there is no action by the Kolkata Police. Officials of the online ticketing agencies, the Cricket Association (CAB) or the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) have not been summoned. No new FIR reported in Maidan or Entali Police Station. There is no protest in front of CAB. 21 people have not been arrested. 127 tickets were also not confiscated.

Kolkata are still in the World Cup. Siblings after Kali Puja. City dwellers are in festive, holiday mood. Some of Eden’s stands are also empty. But people don’t care. Less than 48 hours left for the start of the World Cup semi-finals. However, there is no ‘Q’ on the site of the online ticket selling company. Bosses can’t write ‘sold out’. But is everything ‘clear’ after the police action on tickets in the India-South Africa match? Without going into this controversy of the festival, it can be said that the city has turned its back to some extent from the Australia-South Africa semi-final.

Tickets for the second semi-final went on sale online from 8pm on Thursday, November 9. Six days later, no customers. Even on Tuesday afternoon, there was no line at the online store. Rohit, Kohli are not coming to Kolkata. They will play against New Zealand in Mumbai. Tickets for that match are sold out. There is not a single ticket for the final. A few days ago, on the day of the Pakistan-England match, about 70 percent of the seats in Eden were filled. Those who are in the list of failures in the World Cup this time. However, semi-final tickets are not being sold!

Happening, but slowly. quite slowly Where is the light in the crowd of demand? There is no shortage of CAB arrangements. There is no shortage of BCCI initiatives. However, people’s minds are not wet. Tilottama does not love cricket. All love to Rohit, Kohli. As Neville Cardus said, the scoreboard is an ass. What is the World Cup? Rohit, Kohli are all. Cricket is like a religion in this country. Cricketers are revered as gods or heroes. They are the attraction. They are the ‘opium’ of religion. The cricket crowd followed them. Not behind organizing World Cup or BCCI. Mumbai, Ahmedabad ticket prices. Kolkata has fallen behind in the race for the World Cup. There have to be two semi-finals, so it’s happening. As if the World Cup regulation match!

Sweet shops in the neighborhood are crowded. There is a rush to buy gifts. There is a festive atmosphere. There are also World Cup matches in the city. Game tickets are also available. Not only interested in cricket. All the madness seems to have been absorbed by the Indian team and gone to Mumbai. Will the demand for tickets increase in the end? Tuesday’s city showed no such signs.

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Two days before the semi-final match, Rohit, the world champion appeared in Kohli’s camp

The tickets for the first semi-final have been drawn. 900, 1500, 2500, 3000 Tk – different types of tickets. Eden is calling. Eden awaits familiar faces. The city is back to work. The festival ends on Wednesday. Thursday is the day to start work again. Shruti Dutta, a lawyer based in central Kolkata, tried her best to get two tickets for the India-South Africa match. Shruti’s statement about the semi-final, “There is no India. I don’t either. Court work will start from November 16. It is not possible anymore.” Private organization owner Sandeepan Pal said, “I could not watch Kohli’s game, who will sit all day and watch this game.”

The city is moving forward. Can not match the World Cup!

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