Sri Lanka Cricket | Sri Lanka will contest its International Cricket Council suspension dgtl

Sri Lanka Cricket | Sri Lanka will contest its International Cricket Council suspension dgtl
Sri Lanka Cricket | Sri Lanka will contest its International Cricket Council suspension dgtl

Sri Lanka’s membership has been suspended by the International Cricket Council (ICC) due to government interference in the cricket board. Sri Lankan cricket has to be punished after the World Cup debacle. The Sri Lankan government has accused the ICC of unethical punishment.

The ICC said they were suspended because of government interference in the governance of the cricket board. The punishment was announced in a statement last Friday. Sri Lanka will not be able to play in any ICC competition if the punishment is not lifted. But they are the hosts of the U-19 World Cup next year in January-February. In this situation, the Sri Lankan Sports Ministry wants to ignore the punishment given by the ICC.

While announcing the punishment, the ICC said that no government interference will be tolerated. There is another ICC meeting on November 21. Sri Lanka is expected to look into the matter on that day and take further steps. Sri Lanka also decided to take countermeasures. Sports Minister Roshan Ransinghe said this on Saturday. “It is not a method,” he said. When the ICC or any other body applies a sanction, it has a long process. Announcing the punishment in this way is quite surprising. In principle it is not correct. How else can they insult our country!” Sri Lanka’s sports minister said to appeal to the ICC to waive the punishment. If that doesn’t work, they will think about the next step.

The Sri Lankan cricket board was dissolved by the Sri Lankan government after the World Cup debacle and humiliating loss to India. An interim committee was formed under the leadership of former World Cup-winning captain Arjun Ranatunga. That committee is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the activities of the Cricket Board. ICC has suspended its membership for this decision of the Sri Lankan government.

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Shammi Silva, the ousted president of Sri Lanka Cricket, has approached the court against this decision of the government. Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court has imposed a two-week ban on the government’s order. It should be noted that Sri Lanka has won two out of nine matches in the league stage in this World Cup.

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