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How many cameras surrounded Mahmudullah’s car

How many cameras surrounded Mahmudullah’s car
How many cameras surrounded Mahmudullah’s car

Mahmudullah Riyad played great in this World Cup. file imageThe Bangladesh team ended the 2023 World Cup by losing against Australia by 8 wickets in Pune yesterday. Considering the last few ODI World Cups, it will not be wrong to say that they have not had a good time at all this time. They have won only 2 out of 9 matches in the round robin league. After the World Cup, the Bangladesh team returned to the country today.

Many players’ cars leave through the VIP gate of Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport. Suddenly a blue car surrounds the cameras of journalists. As traffic jammed around the car, it took some time for the airport security personnel to blow the whistle and allow the car to leave. Mahmudullah Riyad was inside that car.

The next scene seems to stand in exact opposite pole with the events leading up to the World Cup. Mahmudullah is the best performer of Bangladesh in the World Cup by showing thumbs up to all the challenges of age, fitness and performance. But whether he will have a place in the 15-man team of the World Cup was the most discussed.

Mahmudullah has quietly prepared himself for the party despite numerous discussions and criticisms. Be it a place in the team or not, from Mirpur Sherbangla to the academy grounds—the all-rounder’s preparations were witnessed on a daily basis, perhaps even bricks-and-sand-concrete. At the age of 37, he came back as hard as concrete.

Although the team did not do well in the World Cup, Mahmudullah got the success of the preparation. He played his last World Cup by scoring the highest number of runs (328) for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah, the oldest in everything for Bangladesh, ended this World Cup with a name for himself. He also finished his last World Cup.

Mahmudullah scored 328 runs in 7 innings in the 2023 World Cup, with an impressive average of 54.66. He did not get a chance to bat against Afghanistan in their first World Cup match at Dharamsala. He was not kept in the eleven against England in the next match. New Zealand returned to the XI again with the match. He didn’t drop out after that.

Mahmudullah appeared in his ‘silent killer’ form when he got a chance to bat against New Zealand. Played an unbeaten innings of 41 runs. After that, the Bangladesh team management may not have thought of dropping him. Mahmudullah has no innings below 20 runs after getting a chance to bat in 7 matches. Double digit runs in all matches.

The only century for Bangladesh in this World Cup came from Mahmudullah. In all, he has the highest 3 centuries of Bangladesh in World Cup history. Mahmudullah played an extraordinary innings of 111 runs in the team’s batting disaster against South Africa in this World Cup.

Mahmudullah also hit the most 14 sixes for Bangladesh in this World Cup. His fielding was also much talked about, but he was still young in this department at the World Cup. Mahmudullah also took maximum 5 catches for Bangladesh team.

Therefore, the journalists did not make a mistake in recognizing Mahmudullah behind the black glass at Shahjalal Airport among many cars. That’s why everyone tries to capture it on camera.

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