‘Rohit’s leadership sets example’

‘Rohit’s leadership sets example’
‘Rohit’s leadership sets example’

India is running at breakneck speed to cope with the pressure of fans’ expectations in the World Cup at home. They are the only unbeaten team in the tournament so far. First of all, the hosts confirmed the semi-final. Their opponents are New Zealand in the first semi-final next Wednesday in Mumbai.

Before this, India is getting another chance to warm up. Rohit Sharma’s team will face the Netherlands in Bengaluru today. Today’s match is a game-changer for Rohit-Kohli as they move from the top to the last four. Indian coach Rahul Dravid, who came to the pre-match press conference yesterday, was therefore questioned more about his own success than the opponent Dutch.

The thing that has caught everyone’s attention in India’s monopoly in this World Cup is Rohit Sharma’s captaincy. Rohit is leading the team from the front, handling all the pressure with a cool head. Impressed with his captaincy, coach Dravid said, ‘No doubt, Rohit is a great leader. His leadership on and off the field has set an example.’

Captain Rohit Sharma with coach Rahul Dravid during Indian team practice

Not only as a leader, but also as an opening batsman, Rohit has been performing consistently. He scored 442 runs at 55.25 in 8 matches. Even more important is his strike rate. With a strike rate of 122, Rohit has given the team a flying start in almost every match, taking the pressure off the next batsmen to score quick runs.

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Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzak had praised Rohit’s aggressive batting in a TV channel a few days ago and suggested Babar Azam to follow suit. India’s coach Dravid also praised Rohit’s batting, ‘The way he started in a few matches, the match was in our hands. I will not talk about any specific match. But I am sure you (journalists too) will agree that (if Rohit had not batted aggressively) some matches could have been difficult for us. But thanks to him it has become easier.’

Rohit started most of the matches after the opening

Where Rohit is ahead of the rest of the captains, Dravid also explained, ‘Rohit has been captaining very well for a long time. He is a captain who respects the coaches and support staff. The rest of the team also respect him. His plan is very clear. The plan may change according to the match situation. That is why he is more successful than the rest.

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